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Arcalea - Facebook 2018 Year In Review

2018: Year In Review – Facebook

2018 was an important chapter in Facebook’s history, perhaps even its most important. Following the major Cambridge Analytica fiasco, public perception and use…
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Arcalea - 2018 Year In Review Twitter

2018: Year in Review – Twitter

This is the third installment in our ongoing series: 2018: Year In Review, where we cover the major changes in a social network…
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Arcalea - 2018 Year In Review LinkedIn

2018: Year In Review – LinkedIn

As LinkedIn turns 15 years old, the company continues their focus and reputation as the professional business network. But in 2018, LinkedIn sought…
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Arcalea - 2018 Year In Review: Snapchat

2018: Year In Review — Snapchat

As December approaches and the new year rolls around, we thought it would be an opportune time to cover the major changes in…
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