4 Awesome Sites To Track Google Algorithm Updates

Arcalea - 4 Sites to Track Algorithm Updates

If you have spent any time in the SEO world, then you will most likely have experienced the frustrations that Google’s algorithm changes can cause. The best SEO companies in the world are constantly monitoring, testing and evaluating these changes to try and keep ahead of the game.

Google changes its algorithm 5 to 600 times per year. Keeping track is virtually a full-time job. Luckily there are some tools and websites that can assist you with the process. Trying to perform SEO without these tools is like trying to drive across the United States wearing a blindfold.

The tools and sites below will become some of your most important assets, and help you to deliver results that rank with more visibility.

What’s The Weather Like Google?

Many things about the world of SEO can be overly complicated, which is what makes it so refreshing when there is a clean and simple tool provided. The MozCast tool provides users with a clean and easy overview of the current Google algorithm climate. Designed to mimic the television style weather maps, MozCast lets you quickly and easily see how stormy or unsettled Google’s algorithm is on any given day. If the algorithm changes are particularly turbulent one day, it may be best to save your changes until things settle down once again.

Look Back To Move Forwards

Some of the best lessons in life can be learned from looking back into history, and this also applies to SEO. Moz Pro provides an in-depth analysis of every change in the Google Algorithm, what impact it had, and even a direct link back to the official Google announcements. This is a top quality professional tool and provides users with volumes of information. Reading from high-quality, well researched sources are critical, and with Moz Pro, that’s exactly what you get.

Consult The SEO Book

SEO Book is another interesting historical archive of knowledge and explanation. They provide a short update and explanation of every Google Algorithm change, the date it occurred, and even forecasting of what is likely to come in the future. The one striking thing to notice about SEO Book is how the volume of change has exploded over the last few years. Although some people may argue that these historical guides and references are outdated, and no longer relevant, this is strictly not true. Many of the underlying concepts will still apply, and reading and absorbing this information will provide any potential student of SEO the chance to gain critical information.

Not Everyone Is In The SEO Game

There are a few people who want to understand exactly how each Google algorithm change affects them at a more granular level. That is where the fantastic free Panguin Tool comes into play. If your site has been penalized, this tool will highlight the problems, enabling you to start working to rectify the situation quickly. The tool is very simple to use and generates you a report in seconds.

A Constantly Changing Algorithm

When you understand that Google changes their algorithm so frequently, it is neither possible nor sensible to try to react to every individual change. What is important is to have an overall understanding, and then figure out a strategy to deal with the big changes. All of the above tools will assist you with the process, but be careful not to become overly obsessed with monitoring Google’s algorithms.
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