4 Digital Marketing Tools You Must Know

With the pace of technology, digital marketing is constantly evolving. Keeping up with these changes while maintaining a high level of service can become a challenge for brands. In 2017, the battle for visibility is only growing more competitive. If digital marketers and SEO specialists want to stay at the top, they’ll need to adapt to new strategies and master the best tools.

Here are four tools that each agency or specialist should fully understand.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s web analytics tool. This tool is essential for monitoring a business’s success and generating revenues. It gives you insight into your audience’s on-page behavior, demographics, preferences, and more. With the help of a good analytics tool, you will be able to see which marketing channels are most profitable for you, and what activities generated the most engagement and conversions.

If certain actions on your website can have a monetary value, such as a new user signing up, purchasing a service, you can use Analytics to track and measure how users reach these goals.


MailChimp is a web-based email marketing service. According to PR Newswire, 91 percent  of American adults like to receive promotional emails from companies they have business relationships with. Further, 86% already receive monthly promotional emails. Clearly, email marketing is still a huge advantage for business outreach.

MailChimp provides businesses a variety of templates to craft with, and reporting features to track email campaign performance. You can create a simple, but beautiful email newsletter with just dragging and dropping on the user interface. A/B testing allows you to segment your audiences and fulfill their differentiated demands. You can also utilize this feature to identify which email subject lines work most efficiently for your audiences. At the end of a campaign, you can collect valuable information about the performance of your newsletter, and gain valuable insight into your audience.

MailChimp is also a highly recommended tool for beginners. You do not need any design background to make great email campaigns.


Email marketing is only effective when you avoid creating spam emails. According to HubSpot, 43% adults in the United States said that over half of all emails they received are from marketers. 70% of them are spamming emails. To protect America’s consumers, Federal Trade Commission also issued CAN-SPAM Act to regulate commercial emails. Any violations will be charged with penalties up to $16,000.

MailTester is a free online tool to check your newsletter’s spam score and quality. The fundamental goal is to guarantee your customers see your email. Before sending your newsletters to customers, open MailTester, and send a test newsletter to the given email address. Once the email is sent, click on “Check Your Score” button. Then, you will receive a score, from 0 to 10, for your email newsletter, and a full report examining it from different aspects. These include broken links, body text, and blacklist status. It is a quick and efficient way to improve your email deliverability.


SEMrush is a software research suite designed to provide digital marketers with competitive data to inform marketing and business decisions. It allows you to gather data for a complete SEO audit, evaluate site traffic, build effective social media strategies and create strong content. It is a powerful tool that offers clients the dashboards of information, from position tracking to social media, and more.

Additionally, SEMrush does not only allow you to perceive the success of your online marketing presence but also to compare with your competitors’. For instance, you can compare your social media presence with your competitors’ among audience, activity and engagement. You can also see your top content versus your competitor’s top content, and learn what they are doing well. With SEMrush, you will be able to improve your digital presence from all platforms: search, social, site and content and gauge how your competition is faring.


Development of digital technology does not only makes it easy to distribute information but also makes it hard to stand out from the massive communications. Understanding your digital presence and making smart decisions is crucial. Choosing the right tools can help simplify your marketing journey. However, different companies have different paths. It is always necessary to tailor digital strategy to your specific business objectives.

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