E-Commerce Technologies For 2017 And Beyond

Arcalea - 9 eCommerce Technologies for 2017

Online business has never been more challenging or competitive. In this fast-paced industry, utilizing technology to help gain that competitive advantage has never been more important. In this article, we will direct you towards the best E-commerce technologies on the market today.

It is not enough to know about these technologies; your team needs to master them. In this article, we will focus on the best E-commerce technologies currently available on the marketplace today. You should then be able to decide which of these technologies is the best fit for your business, then use them to your full advantage.

Automate Your Advertising

Many small businesses understand the importance of advertising but have neither the knowledge nor the skill to launch effective ad campaigns. Online ad campaigns, especially when using Pay-Per-Click advertising, things can get expensive very quickly. Programmatic advertising uses software to buy digital advertising. This shortens the traditional process reducing the need for human negotiation and manual insertion orders. These online ad systems target the correct demographic and even decide the most appropriate ad format. This clever use of technology means that your advertising is more focused, and provides a built-in data-based advertising solution.

Embrace Augmented and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is currently seen as the next big trend in mobile technology. VR provides the perfect opportunity for retailers to demonstrate their products in greater detail. Imagine a real estate agent. With VR, you could record a virtual tour through your properties. Potential buyers can then tour the property from the comfort of their home, shortlisting the properties they are genuinely interested in and saving all parties wasted trips.

Augmented reality takes things that little bit further. Imagine being able to place a virtual bathtub inside your home to see how it looks real-time, right in front of you. That is exactly where the future of augmented reality holds, and it could pay handsomely to be on the cutting edge of this technology moving forward.

Offer Customisation

Customization is not necessarily a new concept, but as technology evolves the options, it provides continue to expand. Customization allows your company to separate itself from the opposition and encourages communication with your customers. You could even encourage your new customers to tweet about their beautiful new customized product, potentially giving you free advertising.

Prioritize Mobile But Don’t Neglect Other Platforms

With technology, nothing ever remains the same. The consensus is that everything in the mobile world revolves around mobile apps. While there is certainly evidence to support this, it is important to understand that your customer is your customer regardless of how they access your site. In fact, research shows that people perform their initial research via their cell phone, but then switch to the desktop to complete the purchase. The important thing to try and focus on is continuity; ensure that your customers can make the switch from mobile to desktop as seamlessly as possible.

Voice Is The Future 

As voice recognition systems such as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana improve, more and more people are embracing voice to communicate with their devices. Voice technology can enable multitasking while washing the dishes or feeding the baby. Sites that offer this service will benefit from better user-interaction, and no doubt voice technology will continue to develop in the future.

These five technologies are cutting edge, and very few companies are embracing them to their full potential, and yet Google says 20 percent of searches are voice searches.  Not all of these technologies may be suitable or even available for your site, but the quicker you can make use of at least some of them, the greater your advantage over the competition.

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