Google Shopping Is Becoming A Major Platform For Advertisers

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Google’s entire business strategy has always been built on generating revenue from its advertising platform. As any good marketer will tell you, the key to running a successful advertising campaign is built on consistent and persistent testing. In recent years, Google has continuously updated and refined the way their product listing ads are displayed. Today, Google’s shopping platform is becoming increasingly important as it takes center stage on the search engine’s results page.

Product Listing Ads v. Text Ads

A picture paints a thousand words, and Google has discovered that this applies to the advertising space as well. Text ads provided Google with the opportunity of displaying numerous ads in a relatively small space. This was perfect for the burgeoning cellphone market, where screens were small, and advertising space was at a premium.

However, Google is now taking advantage of the larger cell phone screen sizes, such as the iPhone 7 Plus, to change the display options and provide advertisers with more colorful responsive ads. Through this technology, the Google now has the capability of displaying 15 different Product Listings Advertisements (PLAs) on tablets and cell phones and up to 18 on desktop computers. These PLAs are far more attractive and better represent the product or service of a brand.

The recent changes have also been practical: Google has developed each product listing into larger, individual cards, featured in a carousel on the search results page similar to tweets, recipes and other rich cards. Due to the larger card size, the number of visible cards without rotating the carousel has dropped from six to five. Some sources state that PLAs drive about 48 percent of all Google search ad clicks, so for advertisers the potential is huge. But serious thought and consideration still needs to be put into the advertisement you want to display.

Mobile, Desktop And Youtube: Consistency Across All Platforms

Google fully embraces the use of Product Listing Advertisements with the same style of ads migrating over to their Youtube platform. A carousel has also been incorporated into spaces between relevant videos on Youtube. Consistency is always beneficial as consumers become accustomed to the look and feel of a product, which may increase click-through rates, still further.

Google Also Experimenting With PLAs On Web Results

The top of a SERP isn’t the only place where Product Listing Ads are utilized. The right-hand side real estate of Google search results, which used to be filled completely with text-based ads, have now been superseded with Product Listing Ads.

It is important to remember that the world of advertising is in a constant state of evolution, and Google will constantly push the boundaries and experiment with new options to deliver the best results for their customers.

Around 95 percent of Google’s revenue comes from online advertising, so it is vital to their profits that they find the most viable and engaging solutions. The online advertising landscape provides a fascinating opportunity to drive profits, but it is only by fully testing and evaluating the various options that you can fully maximize the benefits.

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