Rachel’s Step into Digital Marketing

To survive in the digital marketing world, you must talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk, bottom line. If this means going through hours of online trainings, you do it. If this means asking the simplest questions to make sure you know exactly what is going on, you do it. If this means keeping a running Google Doc of topics and information you need to research later on, you do it. It is defiant to even try to fake it until you make it in this industry. It is too easy to be seen for what you really are if you only understand partial practices, or throw out buzzwords here and there within the industry.

You may think you are ready, but…

Having previous training or at least basic knowledge of general digital marketing concepts would barely be a tiny step up from those who do not. There is an overwhelming amount of new information to absorb when first starting off in the industry. Sure, you might know what SEO and PPC are, but do you really know? No. Not until you see digital campaigns in action, do you start to really get acclimated with what all the buzzwords mean. Even then, it takes practice to even start to understand the amount of work that goes into digital marketing.

intern pic 1

Digital marketing is no amateur-hour, or for the faint of heart. Every little detail needs to be scoured when managing digital marketing campaigns of all sorts. At Arcalea, we say “success is now a science” because these approaches didn’t just appear out of thin air, there really is a methodology for everything in this space. The answer could lie in nearly any dark corner: if you ignore some factor like conversion funnels or attribution (in Google Analytics), then you will assuredly lose at your own game. Because everything can and is being tracked, you have indispensable information at your fingertips, just waiting to be evaluated and broken down into actionable ventures. The complexity of digital marketing cannot be compiled or summed up in one simple concept. But understanding what tools to use is not enough, you also must understand why you are doing a task, otherwise what value are you providing by just going through the motions?

…and this is why agencies are needed

Agencies are experts in what they do, so leave it up to them. Digital marketers are experts in this industry, so it really is easier to just accept it now and not fight it. Their brains are trained to “just know,” and even when they don’t know, they quickly figure it out way faster than anyone outside of the industry would. This expertise knowledge comes from years working within the disruptive industry and being used to knowing the next best thing before it becomes mainstream.

Better, faster results can be delivered from an agency, rather than developing your digital marketing in-house, because they know how to efficiently use the right tools. Clients are agency’s top priorities, because that is their business and main focus. Agencies also provided an outside, unbiased viewpoint. They are not blinded by internal politics or distractors , and have the ability to hone in on digital marketing, and digital marketing only. This keeps their efforts focused on their goals for your company’s campaign, and takes out some political aspects.

That moment when you realize there’s no turning back…

Even after just a few short months interning (brb crying I have to leave soon), I have gained an unparalleled insight into all things marketable and have finally accepted that everything is commodifiable. Although everyone “knows” the world is for sale or is being marketed, most of society is not cognizant of it throughout their daily lives. They may not realize that a placement here is “sponsored,” or the User Experience there is carefully architected to leverage some deep-seeded psychological need. Unless you are IN the industry, most people don’t think “wow, that ad has an amazing call-to-action,” or “this website has WAY too much information below the fold.” Once you start to train your mind towards thinking in the digital marketing mindset, there is no turning back.

I’ve gained a new appreciation for digital marketing and all the effort that goes into it. It’s remarkable to witness all the odds and ends that digital marketers tie together for a brand’s campaign. You will be amazed, I can promise you that, I know I still am.