An Intro to Google’s DoubleClick

Arcalea- An Intro to Google’s DoubleClick

There are various advertising platforms available from search to display, and programmatic to mobile. One challenge often faced is the ability to pull information, update budgets, and run advertising across multiple platforms from a single interface. DoubleClick consolidates all relevant data in one integrated and organized interface.

With access to an all-in-one interface, advertising across multiple platforms and devices while testing a variety of creative is now possible. Reporting from a single, unified interface enables advertisers to ensure the data received is accurate, and eliminates common challenges faced when analysing information and optimizing campaigns.

DoubleClick has enabled advertisers to effectively advertise on key advertising channels from a single platform.

Where DoubleClick Comes In 

Google’s DoubleClick platform is a revolutionary and modern approach to the problems and discrepancies across networks. Now, advertisers can get the most useful and accurate data all in one place. It integrates various platforms to unify information in real time, while allowing effective decision making, and maximization of advertising money spent. For instance, instead of placing an advertisement separately on Google and Bing, it allows advertisers to push ads, then aggregate the insights all in one place.

This is game changing for the world of Digital Marketing.

DoubleClick Campaign Manager offers multiple solutions to help businesses get the most of advertising. DoubleClick Campaign Manager is a third party ad server that breaks down, and simplifies the media planning and reporting process.

DoubleClick Bid Manager helps advertisers set how much they’re paying for specific keywords on different platforms. In real time, it examines impressions adjusting to the advertisers interests.

DoubleClick Search Engine Marketing saves time by automatically bidding on ad space that improves campaign performance. It helps manage the search marketing campaign on various media platforms and search engines.

DoubleClick Creative Solutions allows advertisers to set and change the creative images and videos utilized in ads. It uses Studio API, Layouts, and Google Web Designer. These tools are used to creatively control ads on a single interface.

DoubleClick Ad Exchange unifies data across all Ad networks in order to give additional control over pricing and design settings. It allows advertisers to make purchases at desired prices in order to maximize investment returns.

However an advertiser chooses to utilize the various assets of DoubleClick is up to them. These tools are meant to help an advertiser drive success and conversions. Overall, the six components of Google DoubleClick consolidate to provide advertisers with tools that very few businesses have access to.

Example Using DoubleClick

Nestle is one brand that recently used DoubleClick to increase their brand goals through the mobile platform. The company partnered with King Games, the makers of Candy Crush Saga, to show engaging ads to gamers in exchange for extra lives, currency, or boosts.

With the help of DoubleClick, they were able to provide users the choice to view the Nestle ad or not, which in turn, increased user experience and garnered greater results for the advertiser.

At the end of the campaign, Nestle amassed a 99.5% view-through rate and a 3% click-through rate, which was a huge difference compared to their use of traditional advertising platforms. Other brands that have found success through the DoubleClick platform include: Mercedes Benz, HP, and T-Mobile.

Final Thoughts

The success of major brands that have utilized Doubleclick is an indicator of how leveraging the interface is driving deeper engagement. Being fairly exclusive, many digital marketers are still unaware of, or unable to utilize the complexity and efficiency of the platform, and early adopters will recognize an overall advantage. Arcalea recognizes its importance in our clients’ overall digital strategy, and has introduced DoubleClick now as the core of our search and advertising engine.