Arcalea - Native Content Launches On Google As An Ad Option

Time To Re-evaluate Your Content Strategy?

The beauty of Google is that they always strive to introduce new opportunities to increase revenue streams. This forces business owners to pay close attention to Google and to follow their recommendations and ideas.

For some smaller businesses, this can be a time-consuming chore, but it has the potential to drastically increase your ROI. While you can continue your current strategy, the internet is a fast moving beast, and it doesn’t take long to get left behind. Once that happens you are always playing catch up and leaving money on the table in the process.

The Advertising Model

It is no secret that Google makes the vast majority of its income by using their advertising platform, and they are probably the best company in the world for maximizing the revenue potential. Google’s latest addition to the advertising model is to enable site owners to use their content as part of the process.

Matched content works in conjunction with the current AdSense program, in that it shows specific content to the reader of your site, which Google feels will complement the current content that your visitor is reading. The key behind the concept is to further engage your audience. However, it is important to note that Google will only be recommending content from your site, which means your loyal readers won’t be enticed away from your site to the competition.

In theory, this should mean that your visitor spends more time on your site, reading your content. If you engage your visitor and encourage them to spend longer on your site, they are more likely to become regular visitors and to engage with both the content and the corresponding adverts. This presents you as the site owner with a win-win opportunity, provided of course that you can supply high-quality engrossing content.

The Requirements for Matched Units 

As you might expect, not every site will be permitted to partake in this new advertising opportunity. Google’s aim is to consistently provide the best user experience to their customers, so the new matched units platform will only be available to websites that surpass certain criteria. These standards focus on the volume of traffic a website is generating, and the number of unique pages a site contains.

The second requirement about unique pages makes total sense because for the system to work, it needs to find other relevant content from within your own site. Those people with a one or two-page site will not be able to supply the extra content, so it would be pointless allowing them to participate.

You can check your eligibility for the program by logging into your MyAds page, inside your AdSense account.

Points To Note About Matched Content

  •    If you use the system properly, Matched Content could increase user participation and engagement with the site and your content.
  •    Provided your site meets the eligibility criteria, you can place the matched content units on any page on your site
  •    Content recommendations are individual and site-specific, an important point to note is that recommendations will only come from pages where the units are displayed.
  •    The previous point means that you need to think carefully about which pages you want to place your units on, as effectively any pages you don’t specify won’t be shown as a recommendation.
  •    The units will work properly and display content on phones, tablets, and desktop, maximizing your display opportunities.
  •    AdSense policies are still in full effect and must be followed at all times.


As time passes, people will experiment with the Matched Content program and Google itself will enhance and improve the system. At the time of writing, there are few guides written about how to maximize the potential of Matched Content, but it is important to remember that this is a newly developing process. Watch how your competitors make use of the new units and try to analyze if you can improve on their methods.

Matched Content already offers a lot of potential, and by making full use of it, your company can significantly increase the amount of customer interaction you can generate from each visitor.

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