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4 PPC Strategies You Should Know About

4 Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns have become a proven strategy to boost traffic and awareness for virtually any business. With even a modest investment, a local shop could see double their usual traffic with the correct utilization. Like most advertising campaigns, PPC...

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Should I Hire An SEO Company?

Most companies are aware that Search Engine Optimization can do wonders to improve their website, drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. The question most companies ask is whether they should hire an agency for SEO or keep it in-house. What does a digital...

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Useful SEO Tips for B2B Companies

B2B companies occupy a large niche. They tend to bring in large and steady revenues, but often struggle to find potential customers. That’s when SEO can come in handy. B2B marketing requires a slightly different approach to traditional search marketing, but the tools...

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Using Wikipedia for your SEO Strategy

Wikipedia is probably the most popular source of online information today. With millions of visitors each day, it’s definitely a rich source of online traffic. Businesses in any industry should consider including Wikipedia in their SEO strategy. As one of the leading...

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