What is Google's Shop the Look?

What is Shop the Look?

Do you ever come across an image online of someone wearing something you wanted? Maybe you’ve seen a dress and you just want to look up where to get it from, or how much it might cost.

Google wants to help you out. Google is beginning to test out a new feature for its mobile search platform called Shop the Look. Users will be able to type in some article of clothing (like “cocktail attire”) and you’ll be presented with a carousel of cocktail dresses from various vendors.

Google Shop the Look Demo with Cocktail dresses


Selecting one of the images will bring you to the retailer or blog where that dress was found, display similar clothing, and allow you to purchase it straight from your phone.  

How does Shop the Look work?

Right now, Google is partnering with sites like Polyvore, Curalate, and LiketoKnow.it to curate the various bloggers, retailers, and publishers. These websites have had experience developing visual marketing solutions for various brands. Curalate, for example, develops software that can intelligently discern the elements in a photo, like where it might have been taken, or what brand of bag the subject is wearing.

The clothes (and furniture!) on display are based off the standard Shopping ads that Google already offers. Retailers pay through a cost-per-click model, and have access to a couple useful analytics such as the number of impressions (each time the product is viewed) and clicks.

Visual search technology paired with e-commerce isn’t exactly new- in fact Pinterest introduced something similar, which we covered back in July. But still, shopping through images underscores a trend towards more innovative and user-friendly shopping experiences.

When does it come out?

Testing for Shop the Look started in September 6. As of right now, it’s only available on mobile, and in the United States.

However, if you’re a retailer, you don’t have to wait too long to try it out. Just create a Google Shopping Campaign and create a bid adjustment to optimize for mobile. Google should pull from one of your shopping ads and display it in the Shop the Look carousel, although it isn’t yet clear which keywords will bring up the carousel.

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