Social Media Marketing Trends Coming In 2017

Arcalea - 4 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2017

Social media marketing has evolved over the last few years.  Industry experts originally predicted that social media would burn itself out as quickly as it exploded onto the scene. The key factor behind its growing success is that social media is a flexible invention, able to change and react to changing technology and user requirements. The reality is that social media of 2017 is far removed from that of 2011 when text messaging was at its peak, and Snapchat was just being launched.

That makes predicting the trends of 2017 fraught with danger, but at Arcalea we have a reputation for studying the market and the Internet, so we are confident in making the following predictions for 2017.


1. Snapchat Will Continue To Grow And Develop

Snapchat, or Snap as it has now become, completed another great year of growth in 2016, and in early 2017, now has a stunning 160 million daily users. Considering how well established Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were when Snapchat launched its rise has been nothing short of stratospheric. The development team have introduced us to vertical videos, and fully embraced the growing mobile-centric culture of today. With new developments in the pipeline, the Snap team seem to have a clear vision of where they want to take the product, and with along with its continued popularity, there would appear to be plenty of growth and development still to come in 2017 and beyond.

2. Twitter Is Beginning To Look Tired And Lacking In Information

Twitter is still a hugely popular social network, but the very genius and originality that sparked that growth may well lead to its death. Twitter was designed to have a 140 character limit, which made perfect sense back when text messages were still used to send tweets. This limit, which they are slowly looking to change, has become a noose around Twitter’s neck. Individual competitors such as Instagram provide a similar service, but without the draconian limits. When it comes to marketing and social media apps, people are starting to tire of the constant buzz of Twitter, which might mean that for your marketing efforts, Twitter may no longer be the platform of choice.

3. Users Want Useful, Relevant Content

Social media is about connecting people. People feel they can get a closer connection and a more personal experience with certain brands or celebrities thanks to following them on social media. Long gone are the days when your followers would be happy to know what you ate for breakfast, now they demand a much more inclusive experience, seeking out how-to videos, tutorials, and other resources. For your marketing efforts, this provides an excellent opportunity to raise the level of engagement with your followers, but it also places increasing demands on the quality and quantity of content you deliver. Your follower’s demands and expectations have dramatically increased, meaning that in 2017 your company needs to take social media even more seriously than ever before.

4. Social Media Specialization

To fully embrace social media in 2017, any small to medium sized business should focus all of its marketing efforts those platforms that are most in sync with their target audience. From a time perspective, managing social media properties can be a time intensive and exhaustive process for any company with a small number of employees. By trying to diversify and cover all the various social media platforms, you are destined to fail. It is much better to try and identify which platforms your potential customers spend time on, and then focus all of your efforts on those. This is a sensible strategy moving forward and will give you the maximum ROI.

2017 is likely to be another fast moving and exciting time, so remember to come and visit our site on a regular basis, to keep yourself and your business fully au-fait with all of the latest online marketing developments.