ConceiveAbilities: Cementing a global leadership position

When rapid growth and a large number of diverse audiences makes a company’s marketing strategy too complicated, it’s time to cut through the clutter.

ConceiveAbilities: Cementing a global leadership position

When rapid growth, diverse audiences, and new market entrants change the landscape, a great partnership can make all the difference. 


ConceiveAbilities’ growth had increased significantly. But clutter and noise also grew. The brand needed to rebuild the approach in entirely new ways.    

When ConceiveAbilities experienced growth over the last several years, Nazca Fontes was in an enviable position. But the brand was also presented with a number of new marketing challenges. “We needed to scale and connect with several different audiences at once. We weren’t sure where to begin and needed a partner on multiple fronts.”

The Challenge

“ConceiveAbilities sought clarity to continue the company’s growth. They were reaching out to several different audiences, communicating distinct messaging and generating interest in various practice areas,” said Mike Stratta, founder of Arcalea. “But there was a problem: they were told by previous partners they’d reached the target audience limit. We proved there was significant unaddressed market demand.”

Arcalea started by understanding the brand goals. “To build a successful plan, we need to really understand brand positioning, and discretely identify the differentiation in the market. We then look begin to benchmark and focus on business goals. This helps us identify the best way to address new audiences, increase market share, or engage more deeply with existing audiences.”

“We also borrow heavily from information security to understand the company’s digital presence on its own and in relation to its competitors. We have a specific scientific process that proves quantitatively how to succeed.”

After gaining a deep understanding of the brand goals and competitive landscape, Arcalea establishes brand metrics and specific key performance indicators (KPIs). This provides all stakeholders the order and weight for tactical deployment. “To us, the solution becomes clear.”

“To say that the impact has been significant is an understatement. Arcalea has completely redefined how we approached not only our online strategy, but marketing in general.”

Nazca Fontes, President and CEO of ConceiveAbilities

The Solution

To increase both traffic and conversions among ConceiveAbilities’ target audiences, Arcalea’s research showed they needed to re-engineer how they were attracting and interacting with their audiences online. “First, we created a plan to increase organic traffic to the site, helping ConceiveAbilities connect with the diverse target audiences.”

The complexity of the surrogacy and egg donor marketplace, and ConceiveAbilities’ recent rapid growth, meant that the input of multiple agencies was going to be critical for success. Arcalea introduced two additional partners, to focus on brand and technology, and crafted an integrated plan that encompassed everyone’s expertise.


Increase in conversions


Increase in organic traffic

The Result

“With Arcalea, it was all about strategy. Today, we’re realizing increases in search and online presence,” Fontes says. “Our understanding of audience paths to conversion have helped us improve the value we create for our audiences, and ultimately our brand. This has increased our goal conversions by 521%. And that continues improve today.”

By helping the company understand the customer journeys of its various audiences, Arcalea has partnered with ConceiveAbilities to create new value and deepen their leadership position in the surrogacy and family planning industry.

About ConceiveAbilities

As one of the largest surrogacy and egg donor agencies in the United States, ConceiveAbilities has partnered with physicians and intended parents around the globe to help build families since 1996. More than 20 years’ experience navigating the infertility industry has allowed ConceiveAbilities to cultivate strong professional relationships with doctors and clinics around the globe. It provides clients, egg donors and surrogates with unparalleled service, knowledge and communication.