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Arcalea - Safari 12 and iOS 12 impact on search marketing

How Safari 12 and iOS 12 Affect Search Marketing

As internet use has increased, so has user tracking. Not all user tracking is bad- sometimes the data can be used to serve…
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Arcalea - 7 Useful Tips for Online Business Development

7 Useful Tips for Online Business Development

Anyone can start an online business, but the hard part is growing it. That often requires time and money that many owners and…
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Arcalea - Should I Hire an SEO Company?

Should I Hire An SEO Company?

Most companies are aware that Search Engine Optimization can do wonders to improve their website, drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. The…
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Arcalea - How Data Can Inform Your Marketing Strategy

How Data Can Inform Your Marketing Strategy

For a long time, people have had the misconception that data and creativity are opposites - that data, with all its numbers, stifles…
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Arcalea - Everything You Need To Know About GDPR

Everything You Need to Know About GDPR

The European Union is introducing a new law that will affect almost every business that collects or processes the data of customers in…
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How Businesses Learn About Customers Through SEO

How Businesses Learn About Their Customers Through SEO

A single search can speak volumes about a person. Metrics collected on search engines and websites, such as time spent and clicks on…
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Arcalea - Using The Buyer's Journey to Increase Conversions

Using the Buyer’s Journey To Increase Conversion Rates

Entrepreneurs and business owners tend to focus on the finish line- “How do we get more users?” or “How do we sell more…
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Arcalea - How To Set Goals In Google Analytics

How to Set Goals in Google Analytics and Track Your Conversions

  Setting up goals in Google Google Analytics is a powerful tool in any search marketing agency’s arsenal. It can provide insight and…
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Using SEM Keyword Research to Inform Product Changes

Using SEM Keyword Research To Inform Product Changes

This article is written by Jack Saville, an SEO Specialist at Bynder - a digital asset management software provider. The way people use…
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Arcalea - Local Marketing Automation Software Explained

Local Marketing Automation Software Explained

Local-level marketing has always been a challenge, particularly for large companies or national brands with multiple business locations. Most of the time, a centralized…
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Arcalea - Preparing Your Digital Strategy for 2017

Preparing Your Digital Strategy For 2017

One of the most important tasks in running a business is to continually evaluate and improve your processes. This is even more important…
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Arcalea - 4 Digital Marketing Tools You Should Know

4 Digital Marketing Tools You Must Know

With the pace of technology, digital marketing is constantly evolving. Keeping up with these changes while maintaining a high level of service can…
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Google Plus and Google My Business

What’s the Difference Between Google Plus and Google My Business?

Google has far more products and services now than anyone could have predicted in its search engine infancy. But with so many options…
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Arcalea - The Most Important Digital Marketing Metrics

The Most Important Digital Marketing Metrics That are Relevant to Your Business

Digital marketing isn’t just about fancy branding or buzzwords, it’s about measurements. It’s difficult to measure how effective a website is, or how…
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Arcalea - 4 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2017

4 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2017

2016 has been a crazy year. We’ve seen the Rio Olympics, President-elect Donald Trump, the Cubs win the World Series, and Virtual Reality…
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Arcalea - Hire an Agency: Don't Handle SEO Alone

Hire An Agency: Don’t Handle SEO Alone

If You Want to Build a House, Hire a Contractor SEO plays a critical part in your enterprise’s growth. With the constantly expanding…
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Best Of Google IO 2016

Best of Google I/O 2016: VR Platform, Home Assistant, and New Apps

  Source: Android Central Google I/O, the annual software developer conference in San Francisco, has officially come and gone. At the conference, we saw…
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A Study on Search Optimization

Entrepreneur’s Zen: Search Marketing Optimization (Part 1)

Real client example of how different pillars of Search Marketing Optimization combine to influence the total solution, and how a team's approach can…
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Heat Maps and Business Analytics

What is a Scroll Heat Map

The Scroll Heat Map Heat maps in general, represent how your users interact with your website through a visual color indication or key (see our…
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Heat Maps and Business Intelligence

How Heat Maps Increase Conversions

How Heat Maps Increase Conversions: Proprietary heat map solutions from Arcalea help companies influence design and increase conversions through improved user experience data.
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