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Arcalea - Seasonal vs. Evergreen Content

Evergreen vs. Seasonal Content

Every blog post or article you’ve ever read falls into two categories: seasonal content and evergreen content. Some marketers and writers will tell…
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Arcalea - The Ideal Length of a Blog Post

The Ideal Length of a Blog Post

Getting a blog post to rank highly on Google isn’t always simple. After all, there are a number of factors to consider, from…
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Arcalea - Why Businesses Still Need Blogs in 2019

Why Businesses Still Need Blogs In 2019

By now, you’ve likely heard countless explanations of why blogging will become useless in 2019. “Video is the future!” they say, or “No…
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Arcalea - 10 Essential Online Tools For Team Productivity

10 Essential Online Tools to Increase Your Team’s Productivity

Sometimes it seems that no matter how much work you do, you still have so much left to finish. Productivity isn’t just a…
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Arcalea - The Importance of Email Marketing

The Importance of Email Marketing

If a business wants to communicate with a customer, the best way to do it is through an email. According to Hubspot, 86%…
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Best Practices of Email Marketing

Best Practices for Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most valuable tools your business can use to connect with their customers. By delivering content straight to…
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Arcalea - Native Advertising vs. Content Marketing

Native Advertising vs. Content Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Native Advertising vs. Content Marketing: What’s the Difference? Advertising continues to be a major channel through which companies attract new customers. But in…
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Arcalea - Content Marketing Trends 2018

Content Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2018

Content marketing thrives in an ever-changing landscape. The strategies used to keep customers engaged is constantly evolving, with newer, more tech-savvy and more…
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5 Ways Content Marketing Can Grow your Business

5 Ways Content Writing Can Grow Your Business

Why You Should Have A Blog Business owners tend to be skeptical about the value of a blog, either due to time or…
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Arcalea - What You Should Know About Gmail Encryption

What You Should Know About Gmail Encryption

Business owners and executives around the world have come to fully embrace, G Suite, formerly Google Apps. Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar have…
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Arcalea - 15 Best Places To Promote Your Blog Post

15 Best Places to Promote Your Blog Post After It’s Published

Some people think that traffic just pours in after publishing a blog post. In reality, you have to spend just as much time…
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Arcalea - The Science Behind A Captivating Headline Featured Image

The Science Behind A Captivating Blog Post Headline

Why a Good Headline is Important People like to say, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” even though they do it all…
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Arcalea - The Importance of Blog Posts Featured Image

The Importance of Blog Posts

  What are blog posts? Originally, people thought of blogs as a sort of online, public diary. Nowadays, blogs are an essential component…
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Arcalea - Relevance or Authority

Relevance or Authority: Which Link has More Weight?

Link building is a complex, yet important process. Links are used by Google to rank a website’s usefulness via their search engine results…
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Arcalea - AI and Impact on E-commerce

Artificial Intelligence And Its Impact On E-commerce

Artificial Intelligence, although still relatively new has changed a lot of industries in a short period of time. Where previously AI has had…
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Arcalea - What are Micro-Moments

What Are Micro-Moments And Why Are They Critical To Your Marketing Success?

Whenever the internet became an everyday phenomenon, and Google established its presence as the market leader of search, there was a seismic shift…
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Arcalea - 10 Commons SEO Buzzwords You Should Know

10 Common SEO Buzzwords You Should Know

The study of optimizing for search has become vital in today’s markets. How can you design your web properties to show up more…
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Arcalea - The Rise of Ad Blockers

The Rise Of Ad Blockers And What To Do About Them

From the start of the internet, one of its great strengths was the fact that people suddenly had free access to unlimited amounts…
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Arcalea - Why your Brand Should Use Instagram

Why Your Brand Should Use Instagram

Social media has become an essential tool for communication in modern society. Over the last few years, the number of social networks has…
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Arcalea - How to Create

How To Create “How To” Content

The internet has become the number one portal for information-gathering and research on the planet. Unless people are aimlessly surfing; they are searching…
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Arcalea - 9 eCommerce Technologies for 2017

E-Commerce Technologies For 2017 And Beyond

Online business has never been more challenging or competitive. In this fast-paced industry, utilizing technology to help gain that competitive advantage has never…
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Arcalea - Native Content Launches On Google As An Ad Option

Native Content Launches On Google As An Ad Option

Time To Re-evaluate Your Content Strategy? The beauty of Google is that they always strive to introduce new opportunities to increase revenue streams. This…
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Why Quality Backlinks Are Important

What is an Infographic?

What is an Infographic? An infographic is a clear, colorful, and well-organized image which conveys information to the viewer in an engaging manner.…
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Why Quality Backlinks are Important - Arcalea

Why Quality Backlinks are Important

What Are Backlinks? When somebody links back to an indexed URL on your website, this is what SEO professionals refer to as a…
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Arcalea - 5 Tips for Running A Successful Blog for your Business

5 Tips on How to Write a Successful Business Blog

Blogging is a conversation, not a code. Mike Butcher, Editor, TechCrunch Managing a business blog is an excellent way to create valuable content…
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Arcalea - Why Content Marketing Requires Patience

Why an Effective Content Marketing Campaign Takes Time

Content marketing involves a focus on high-quality and authoritative web content. It’s part of the overall discipline of inbound marketing, which revolves around…
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Arcalea - Hire an Agency: Don't Handle SEO Alone

Hire An Agency: Don’t Handle SEO Alone

If You Want to Build a House, Hire a Contractor SEO plays a critical part in your enterprise’s growth. With the constantly expanding…
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What is Google's Shop the Look?

Shop the Look: Google’s Latest Shopping Experiment

What is Shop the Look? Do you ever come across an image online of someone wearing something you wanted? Maybe you’ve seen a…
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Arcalea - Sites penalized for mobile pop-up ads

Google to Penalize Mobile Sites that Use Pop-Up Ads

Stop us if you’ve heard this before- you look for something on your phone, bring up a page, and you’re immediately hit by…
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Arcalea - Your Guide to Messenger Bots

The War of the Bots: Your Comprehensive Guide to Chatbots

The Messaging App War Source These days it seems there are hundreds of chat apps. Some are for videos and images, some are…
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