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Arcalea - How To Do App Store SEO The Right Way

How To Do App Store SEO The Right Way

Most people think that SEO only applies to Google web searches. But what if a business’s goal was not to drive website visits,…
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Arcalea's Gold MarCom award, and Platinum and Gold AVA Digital Awards

Arcalea Wins Platinum and Gold in 2017 Digital Marketing Awards

2017 was a busy year for Arcalea- we added more members to our team, tightened our processes, and formed new partnerships. While there…
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Arcalea - PPC v. PPM

Pay per Click (PPC) vs. Pay per Impressions (PPM): Which One Is Best For Digital Ads?

The Rise Of Paid Advertising The Internet has become a busy and noisy place, and standing out from the crowd has become a…
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10 Best Practices For Web Design

10 Best Practices For Web Design

The Importance Of A Great Business Website In today’s digital age, practically everything and anything happens online, which is why a dedicated website…
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Arcalea - How Does PPC Work?

How Does Pay-Per-Click Work?

Digital Marketing involves a lot of work and can be overwhelming for someone who is not a web expert. Driving traffic to a…
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Arcalea - How To Set Goals In Google Analytics

How to Set Goals in Google Analytics and Track Your Conversions

  Setting up goals in Google Google Analytics is a powerful tool in any search marketing agency’s arsenal. It can provide insight and…
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Arcalea - Retargeting v. Remarketing

Retargeting v. Remarketing

Retargeting and remarketing, they’re they same, right? Eh, not exactly. Although the words technically mean the same thing, they are still not completely…
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Arcalea - 7 Tips To Improve Your Ad Copy Featured Image

7 Tips to Improve Your Ad Copy

How to Improve Your Ad Copy Ad copy is defined as the most important text in any clickable advertisement. The ad copy text…
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Arcalea - Local Marketing Automation Software Explained

Local Marketing Automation Software Explained

Local-level marketing has always been a challenge, particularly for large companies or national brands with multiple business locations. Most of the time, a centralized…
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Arcalea - Everything You Need to Know About Google IO

Everything You Need to Know About Google I/O 2017

The Google I/O keynote has gotten users and developers buzzing with excitement. After all, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, has presented a comprehensive roadmap…
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Arcalea - 4 Tips for a Successful PPC Campaign

4 Tips for Creating a Successful Paid Search Campaign

The Paid Search Dilemma Paid advertising can generate a high ROI when done properly. Get it wrong, however, and it can quickly become…
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Arcalea - What is Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing: How It Can Benefit Your Brand

Influencer marketing is a relatively new term for one of the oldest marketing tactics in the world. In simple terms, you are leveraging…
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Arcalea - 10 Commons SEO Buzzwords You Should Know

10 Common SEO Buzzwords You Should Know

The study of optimizing for search has become vital in today’s markets. How can you design your web properties to show up more…
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Arcalea - Why Mobile Search Matters for Your Business

Why Mobile Search Matters For Your Local Business

Nowadays, people are constantly immersed in their mobile devices. Mobile phones and tablets have become a significant part of modern people’s life, especially…
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Arcalea - The Next Major Shopping Platform for Advertisers

Google Shopping Is Becoming A Major Platform For Advertisers

Google’s entire business strategy has always been built on generating revenue from its advertising platform. As any good marketer will tell you, the…
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Arcalea - 5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From PPC

5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from PPC

In some cases, creating organic content simply isn’t enough. You could write blog posts on coffee beans all day, but if a cafe…
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Arcalea - Need to Know: The Mobile-First Index

What You Need To Know About Google’s New Mobile-First Index

It is hard to believe that it was less than ten years ago that the iPhone was launched, and with it, the online…
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Need To Know: Google’s Latest Privacy Policy Update

Big news: if you’re one of the over one billion Gmail users, the erosion of your privacy just became more pronounced. Or the…
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Arcalea - Top 5 Announcements from Google's Pixel Event

Top 5 Announcements from Google’s Pixel Event

After weeks of hype marketing and several leaks, Google’s event has come and gone. We’ve had time to sit down and find out…
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Arcalea - Search Marketing and the Holidays

8 Digital Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

Each year, many retail companies fail to update their marketing practices to accommodate the annual rush of holiday shoppers. This leaves a wide…
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Arcalea - Social Media and Search

Social Media and Search Marketing I: Facebook

This is part one of a guest post series by Taylor Gaines, Founder of TNT Digital Media. In this series, Taylor covers how…
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What is Google's Shop the Look?

Shop the Look: Google’s Latest Shopping Experiment

What is Shop the Look? Do you ever come across an image online of someone wearing something you wanted? Maybe you’ve seen a…
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Arcalea - What are Programmatic Ads?

What are Programmatic Ads?

You may have heard of programmatic ads, either through talking to sales reps or simply browsing an advertising blog. You might even have…
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What is Google's RankBrain?

What is Google’s RankBrain, and How is it Changing SEO?

From Algorithms to AI Since its beginning, Google has employed simple but effective algorithms to deliver results. PageRank, Google’s first algorithm, served up results…
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Google Introduces AMP for Ads and Landing Pages

Google Introduces AMP for Ads and Landing Pages

During the DoubleClick Leadership Summit, Google announced important updates to its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and DoubleClick Bid Manager. Most notably, AMP will…
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How does Google measure User Experience?

How does Google Measure User Experience?

There’s been a great deal of controversy in the digital marketing community revolving around an article from Tim Soulo about on-page SEO. There’s…
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What is Google AMP Header image

What is Google AMP?

A Better Way to Browse How do you read your articles? If you have a tablet or smartphone, there’s a good chance that…
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What does Inbound Marketing really mean?

Inbound Marketing - A New Approach to Marketing The days of cold calling are behind us. These dated outbound marketing methodologies such as buying…
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5 Major Updates Coming to Google AdWords

5 Major Updates to Google Adwords

Google started their Adwords keynote by announcing massive redesigns to focus on a “mobile-first world.” “The shift to mobile is no longer something…
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Local Search Marketing Optimization

Entrepreneur’s Zen: Local Search Optimization (Part 2)

(continued from Part 1) Local Search Optimization Start with Local Search Optimization. Local results factor into over 50% of today’s search engine results.…
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