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Arcalea - Google New Search Console

Everything You Need To Know About Google’s New Search Console

Google recently unveiled its new Search Console, updated with improved functionality and user support in response to user feedback. The new Search Console…
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Arcalea - The Importance of Email Marketing

The Importance of Email Marketing

If a business wants to communicate with a customer, the best way to do it is through an email. According to Hubspot, 86%…
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Arcalea - How Does Google RankBrain Work?

How Does Google RankBrain Work?

Traditionally, search engines use an algorithm to serve up search engine results. But as technology evolved, Google began to incorporate machine learning into…
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Arcalea - The 2018 SEO Checklist

The 2018 SEO Checklist

Staying On Top Of SEO Search Engine Optimization is a constantly evolving landscape. To save you the trouble of following each update and…
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Arcalea - Why Every Business Should Focus On Local SEO

Why Every Business Should Focus On Local SEO

Local SEO: Like SEO, But More Local Most businesses are familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), an online strategy intended to increase a…
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Arcalea - Big Changes At Facebook

Big Changes at Facebook

At the beginning of this year, Facebook announced major changes to its news feed algorithms that will alter the future of the site’s…
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Arcalea - Using The Buyer's Journey to Increase Conversions

Using the Buyer’s Journey To Increase Conversion Rates

Entrepreneurs and business owners tend to focus on the finish line- “How do we get more users?” or “How do we sell more…
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Arcalea - Amazon SEO

The Beginner’s Guide to Amazon SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) doesn’t apply to only Google, but actually to any major service, website, or app that uses a search engine.…
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Arcalea - How To Do App Store SEO The Right Way

How To Do App Store SEO The Right Way

Most people think that SEO only applies to Google web searches. But what if a business’s goal was not to drive website visits,…
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Arcalea - Craigslist Marketing Featured Image

Is Craigslist Dead? Tips On Using Craigslist For Your Business

When it comes to content marketing channels, businesses tend to use social media networks, blogs, and email campaigns. But there’s another website that…
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Arcalea - What Does HTTPS Mean?

What Does HTTPS Mean?

As frequent web users, you might notice the letters “http” or “https” at the beginning of any web link. Depending on your browser,…
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Arcalea - The State of SEO 2018

The State of SEO in 2018

We are officially in 2018! This is the best time to learn about all the current trends in SEO and search marketing so…
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Arcalea - Get The Best Out Of Your Holiday SEO

Get The Best Out Of Your Holiday SEO

SEO During the Holidays Looking for ways to gain traction on your SEO? Then look no further. The holiday season is the best…
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Arcalea - Search Marketing Trends in 2018

Search Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

As December 2017 comes to an end, digital marketers are already speculating which trends will become most prevalent in 2018. From AI to…
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5 Ways Content Marketing Can Grow your Business

5 Ways Content Writing Can Grow Your Business

Why You Should Have A Blog Business owners tend to be skeptical about the value of a blog, either due to time or…
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How Does Google Plus Affect SEO Featured Image

How Does Google Plus Affect SEO?

Let’s be honest: Google runs most of the internet, but a lot of users and businesses still don’t see the point of Google…
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10 Best Practices For Web Design

10 Best Practices For Web Design

The Importance Of A Great Business Website In today’s digital age, practically everything and anything happens online, which is why a dedicated website…
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Arcalea - How Does PPC Work?

How Does Pay-Per-Click Work?

Digital Marketing involves a lot of work and can be overwhelming for someone who is not a web expert. Driving traffic to a…
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Arcalea - How To Share Files On Google Drive

How to Share Files on Google Drive (With Your Team or Your Clients)

Google Drive: File Storage and Sharing Made Easy We use Google Drive to draft new blog posts, take meeting notes, share information with…
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Arcalea - What You Should Know About Gmail Encryption

What You Should Know About Gmail Encryption

Business owners and executives around the world have come to fully embrace, G Suite, formerly Google Apps. Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar have…
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Arcalea - How To Set Goals In Google Analytics

How to Set Goals in Google Analytics and Track Your Conversions

  Setting up goals in Google Google Analytics is a powerful tool in any search marketing agency’s arsenal. It can provide insight and…
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Arcalea - 15 Best Places To Promote Your Blog Post

15 Best Places to Promote Your Blog Post After It’s Published

Some people think that traffic just pours in after publishing a blog post. In reality, you have to spend just as much time…
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Arcalea - The Science Behind A Captivating Headline Featured Image

The Science Behind A Captivating Blog Post Headline

Why a Good Headline is Important People like to say, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” even though they do it all…
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Arcalea - Why Is My Website Losing Traffic Feature Image

“Why Is My Website Losing Traffic?”: Explanations and Solutions to a Traffic Drop

  Search Traffic Loss It’s one of the most common concerns: why is my website losing traffic? You may have fully optimized pages…
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Arcalea - Retargeting v. Remarketing

Retargeting v. Remarketing

Retargeting and remarketing, they’re they same, right? Eh, not exactly. Although the words technically mean the same thing, they are still not completely…
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Arcalea - The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Creating Facebook Ads

The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Effective Facebook Ads

  Social Media Advertising: The Newest Ad Platform Facebook isn’t just a social network anymore, but one of the most lucrative ad platforms…
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Marketo Domain Mistake: Highlights and Preventative Measures

Marketo Domain Mistake: Highlights and Preventative Measures

Every website has a domain name that helps to form its identity. Over time, this domain name can become extremely valuable, not only…
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Arcalea - How the American Disabilities Act Affects Your Website

How the American Disabilities Act Affects Your Business’s Website

The American Disabilities Act of 1990 Originally passed in 1990, the American Disabilities Act (ADA) was the America's first comprehensive civil rights law that…
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Arcalea- How To Build SEO Strategies Effectively

How to Build SEO Strategies Effectively

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a process that enables the growth of visibility in non-paid results of search engines. Composed of both…
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Using SEM Keyword Research to Inform Product Changes

Using SEM Keyword Research To Inform Product Changes

This article is written by Jack Saville, an SEO Specialist at Bynder - a digital asset management software provider. The way people use…
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