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Arcalea - Year In Review Google

2018: Year In Review – Google

This is the fourth and final installment in our ongoing series: 2018: Year In Review, where we cover the major changes in a…
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Arcalea - Facebook 2018 Year In Review

2018: Year In Review – Facebook

2018 was an important chapter in Facebook’s history, perhaps even its most important. Following the major Cambridge Analytica fiasco, public perception and use…
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Arcalea - 2018 Year In Review Twitter

2018: Year in Review – Twitter

This is the third installment in our ongoing series: 2018: Year In Review, where we cover the major changes in a social network…
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Arcalea - 2018 Year In Review LinkedIn

2018: Year In Review – LinkedIn

As LinkedIn turns 15 years old, the company continues their focus and reputation as the professional business network. But in 2018, LinkedIn sought…
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Arcalea - 2018 Year In Review: Snapchat

2018: Year In Review — Snapchat

As December approaches and the new year rolls around, we thought it would be an opportune time to cover the major changes in…
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Arcalea - How To Spy On Your Competitors Social Media Ads

How to Spy on Your Competitors’ Facebook and Twitter Ads

Greater transparency in online advertising In the wake of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, Facebook, Twitter, and Google and other digital advertising brokers…
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Arcalea - Big Changes At Facebook

Big Changes at Facebook

At the beginning of this year, Facebook announced major changes to its news feed algorithms that will alter the future of the site’s…
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How Does Google Plus Affect SEO Featured Image

How Does Google Plus Affect SEO?

Let’s be honest: Google runs most of the internet, but a lot of users and businesses still don’t see the point of Google…
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Arcalea - The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Creating Facebook Ads

The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Effective Facebook Ads

  Social Media Advertising: The Newest Ad Platform Facebook isn’t just a social network anymore, but one of the most lucrative ad platforms…
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Arcalea - The Importance Of Optimizing YouTube Content

The Importance of Optimizing Your YouTube Content

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, receiving traffic from almost one billion users a day. In fact, the website generates…
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Arcalea - The Use of Social Media in Building a Successful Marketing Strategy

The Use of Social Media in Building a Successful Marketing Strategy

Social media is an important component in creating an effective digital marketing strategy. It provides numerous opportunities for brands to grow and for…
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Arcalea - How Facebook Can Help You And Your Business

How Facebook Can Help You and Your Business

The Facebook Era With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook has revolutionized social media and how people interact. Over the years, Facebook has…
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Arcalea - Easy Yet Effective Social Media Tactics That Work Featured Image

Easy Yet Effective Social Media Tactics that Work

Social media and its relevance in today’s society is vastly recognized. So it is not surprising that various brands have started to tap…
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Arcalea - How Facebook Can Drive Traffic To Your Local Business

How Facebook Can Drive Traffic to Your Local Business

Facebook is no longer just a social media platform, but an e-commerce platform too. With the addition of a Shop section and more…
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Arcalea - 4 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2017

Social Media Marketing Trends Coming In 2017

Social media marketing has evolved over the last few years.  Industry experts originally predicted that social media would burn itself out as quickly…
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Arcalea - Is Twitter Dying?

Is Twitter Dying?

It’s been a rough few years for Twitter. The microblogging social media network has seen stagnant user growth, fierce competition from Snapchat and…
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Arcalea - Why your Brand Should Use Instagram

Why Your Brand Should Use Instagram

Social media has become an essential tool for communication in modern society. Over the last few years, the number of social networks has…
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Arcalea - Using Social Media for Customer Service

How Brands Are Using Social Media For Customer Service

Social media use continues to grow annually. According to this report in the United Kingdom, it is now the most popular form of…
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Why Quality Backlinks Are Important

What is an Infographic?

What is an Infographic? An infographic is a clear, colorful, and well-organized image which conveys information to the viewer in an engaging manner.…
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Arcalea - Social Media and Search

Social Media and Search Marketing I: Facebook

This is part one of a guest post series by Taylor Gaines, Founder of TNT Digital Media. In this series, Taylor covers how…
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How Brands Leveraged the Olympics Arcalea

How Brands Leveraged the Olympics in Their Digital Marketing

Olympics, Rio 2016. By the time this blog post goes up, the 2016 Rio Olympics will be over. This year’s Olympics will be…
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How Pokemon Go Will Affect Businesses Stock Image

How Pokémon Go Will Affect Businesses

(Update 7/21 - Added new links and stories following the release of the game.) It’s official: Pokémon Go is the most popular app…
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Facebook Changes Algorithm Favors Friends Over Brands

Facebook Updates News Feeds: More Friends, Less Ads

What changes are coming to Facebook? In response to complaints of news feeds being littered by ads, Facebook has decided to rework its…
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How Voice Commands are Changing the Way We Search

Voice Commands and Digital Personal Assistants Voice commands and digital personal assistants may have been science fiction in 1980’s TV shows and movies,…
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Why Snapchat is the next major Ad Platform

From Mobile App to Mobile Ads Snapchat, the popular mobile app that lets you send expiring images and videos, has come a long…
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Instagram Business Profiles, Insights, and Promoted Posts Announced

Instagram has steadily become one of the most used apps today, not just by photographers but by businesses too. As more businesses use…
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Social Media Reference Guide for Summer 2016

The Complete Social Media Reference Guide Summer 2016

Social Media in 2016 With so many social media networks today and each one constantly changing, keeping track of your company profiles across…
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