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Arcalea is now open in Charlotte! We are passionate about one thing: being the best at online marketing.  Come find out what makes us so excited about your success.

Digital Marketing Charlotte

We realized how great the Charlotte market has become. With so much new business, entrepreneurial growth and great atmosphere for growth, businesses today look for specialized partners to grow, both regionally and nationally. That's why we chose to open our Charlotte as our first city for expansion. Combining local search marketing and national brand experience, we're excited to continue our history of success with our Charlotte partners.


Search Engine Marketing

Arcalea is focused on the specialized field of Digital Marketing: known as Search Engine Marketing. "Search", as we call it, builds on fundamentals of marketing to increase audience exposure online and build equity in your brand through massive brand exposure and increasing visibility with your key audiences. Search incorporates Inbound Marketing, PPC (or Pay-Per-Click), Retargeting or Re-marketing, Search Optimization (or SEO), and Social Advertisement. Arcalea's approach to online advertising incorporates all of the traditional influence of agency advertising, focused to exclusively digital advertising.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM works primarily through the combination of on site optimization and contextual keyword usage, off-page backlinks, local listing, web indexing, and paid advertisement. All combine to raise a domain's visibility in their area of influence and will create additional influx of traffic while creating gradual, passive equity boost over time.

Pay Per Click

With PPC advertising, the short-term strategy is to purchase quick “jolts” to add to traffic flow. Pay-per-click advertising has the quickest results, while content marketing provides more sustainable traffic in the long term. Both combine well for a balanced traffic profile. 

Social Media Marketing

Social can work on many levels at once. Social references can provide recurring visits to a website, while increasing brand perception and authority within an industry. Google also "sees" this traffic as social signals and takes referral visits into account for local ranking and authority, while followers can provide free advertising and brand awareness through their own interaction with your content. 

Connect with our team in Charlotte

We are making a significant investment in the Charlotte market. The Arcalea team brings industry experience in CPG, QSR, Healthcare, Automotive, Education and NFP (to name a few). And because work with entrepreneurs and brands alike, we understand the full journey from brand building to consumer delight, all essential components not only to a business, but to connecting with audiences at the crucial point of intent and building upon solid brand fundamentals to court and convert those audiences. 

Let us help you get your business online and grow it with passion!


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