Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

PPC campaigns offer results instantly and gives your brand a much larger reach by purchasing traffic from authority websites.

Generally abbreviated as PPC, but also known as CPC (cost-per-click) or CPI (cost-per-impression), pay-per-click advertising is one of the oldest digital marketing techniques available to today's professionals. It remains remarkably viable in terms of its unique niche within the digital marketing industry. At its most fundamental level, PPC advertising is a tool that involves the direct purchase of advertisements for your online content, within highly relevant locations online. These purchases are made from major search engine providers, most notably Google, and other large online networks. “Relevant locations” might be the search results displayed to an individual who is Googling for the type of service you provide, or they might be Google-powered advertisements displayed on industry-specific websites. The advertising provider, in this case Google, displays your ads when it thinks they're relevant to a user's search or prior browsing history. Every time somebody clicks on one of them, you pay a set amount of money; hence, pay-per-click.

Paid Search Advertising

Improve your ROI through paid search advertising – a form of PPC which uses major search engines to place ads directly at the top of users' organic search results. Reach your target market quickly and effectively.

PPC Remarketing

Our experienced professionals know how to use pay-per-click advertising to re-target existing customers, boosting customer loyalty and converting one-time sales into ongoing customer relationships.

Social Advertising

Paid social network advertising not only results in increased traffic, it also dramatically boosts your brand awareness – and it fosters the customer's impression of your authority within your industry.

Display Advertising

We'll manage your display advertising campaigns, ensuring that they remain within budget, while optimizing the display of your advertisements in industry-relevant locations across the Web.

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What will Pay-Per-Click do for my Charlotte-based business?

Whatever the size of your business, pay-per-click improves brand recognition and creates a dramatic short-term boost to your online traffic. It does this virtually instantly, in digital marketing terms, generally within a few minutes of an auction being finalized and a campaign launched. Because PPC advertising incorporates local advertisement spots, and favors other websites with both industry and local relevance, it is an invaluable tool for quickly improving local recognition. Local searches made via mobile devices, which now furnish more than 60% of all high-speed internet connectivity, are going to position targeted PPC advertising ahead of organic search results, guaranteeing that relevant local audiences will see your content.

What are some of the positive and negative aspects of PPC?

Pay-per-click advertising is powerful and effective, wherever your business is located. It is far and away the most rapid-acting tool within the digital marketer's playbook. After launching a PPC campaign, your traffic will most likely show a noticeable level of positive impact within minutes; no other technique works so quickly. The down side to all of this power and effectiveness is the cost of PPC. An experienced marketing manager is required in order to select the right keywords, bid appropriately, and manage the frequency of ad displays to avoid a dramatic cost overrun. PPC can be effectively managed – or it wouldn't still be popular today, having been around in one form or another since the early days of the internet. It is not unknown, that being said, for an improperly managed pay-per-click campaign to run thousands of dollars over budget in a single, carelessly managed day. Whether your business is based in Charlotte, or it serves the local community remotely, you need an experienced marketing professional to manage your PPC campaign.