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 Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search are the main focus of SEM. With the goal being to increase online visibility and linkages to that property.

Local SEO in Charlotte

SEM stands for search engine marketing, and is one of the cardinal disciplines of digital marketing today. It is the essential strategy used in drawing new, interested traffic to your site – each unique user a potential customer. SEO is actually a facet of SEM and stand for search engine optimization (the optimization part here refers to updating any component to improve performance) and this can be either "on-page" or "offsite".

Why "search" is so important and valued today is that this is someone who has already expressed interest and intent - and are already at the second phase of the buyer's journey (Awareness is the first). Newer than SEM, but a key component, is the new focus on what is called "Local" or local SEO. Local SEO is relatively new because of how recently search engines (Google) have incorporated local intent into search results. So, as an audience begins to search for goods or services in proximity to them, having a strong local presence in Charlotte is essential to ranking over competition. 

The Web, Local SEO, Charlotte, and You

Search engines base their index ranking on two primary factors, into which a great many variables are fed to produce their results. These factors are relevance and authority. A relevant website is one which is highly focused on a narrowly defined topic – restricted to the subject at hand. An authoritative website is one which presents valuable and supportable information, which is both accurate and useful to its visitors. By marketing a website appropriately, businesses can enhance the major search engines' perception of these two qualities – (as well as improving the intangible aspect of "brand" which can improve conversion rates). The combination of the two results in a higher ranking in organic search results which translates to more visitors, more customers, and improvement to your bottom line.

Arcalea's Charlotte SEO Services

Local Directory Listings

DMOZ has been around for more than ten years. It's what we call a manually compiled directory listing – basically, a selective phone book for web addresses. Each entry in its million-plus categories has been deliberately submitted by the owner of the site being entered, and has been selected for inclusion by DMOZ volunteers. This makes for a very authoritative directory – and the search engine crawlers know this. They use directories like DMOZ extensively to shorten the time it takes to rank listed websites, which makes a directory listing one of the most high-quality backlinks available.

NAP Citation Consistency

Name, Address, and Phone number. As with a person, a business is hard to find if its customers don't know what it's called – or where it is. NAP is one of the most important attributes for your Charlotte SEO. It needs to be included with every high-quality backlink you make; this will help rank your website extremely well in local search results on Google (don't forget to include the same information on a contact page within your site, as well). Meanwhile, this recent survey by Search Engine Land suggests that inconsistencies with a company's NAP – outdated information, unintended errors, and misleading links – are the primary destructive issue with more than forty percent of all local SEO campaigns.

Map Pack Optimization

The Google Map Pack is a local business listing which appears next to an internet user's organic search results. It excels at displaying results from the industry most relevant to their search terms. The Map Pack is absolutely, vitally important to your locally-based Charlotte SEO; for mobile users, its results display ahead of all other search results – even other companies' paid advertisements.

Experienced Analysts. Quality Local SEO

For many industries, their customers feel a certain amount of interest in how it all works – hence the ongoing fascination with transparency of operations. By providing industry-relevant news in up to the minute fashion, you will boost your website's authority – and work to keep your visitors interested and engaged.

Arcalea's Charlotte SEO Services

Social Media Marketing

Enhance your organization's online presence with a direct boost to your website's search engine index ranking. There is a vast and varied community of people out there, posting and re-posting content to social media platforms, improving Google's recognition of their topical authority as they draw like-minded people to them. In a major, tech-savvy city like Charlotte, that's a lot of people working together to promote their favorite brand names; shouldn't yours be one of them?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC is an influx of digital vitality. It works by quickly directing large numbers of internet users to your website, through the use of paid advertisements that appear before their keyword-based search results (which are otherwise known as "organic"). PPC is the most fast-acting and direct form of digital marketing that there is, bar none; it will generate results in minutes, but it must be used sparingly. It must also be carefully managed by an experienced digital marketing consultant.

Content Marketing

“Content marketing” is a part of many other overall digital marketing strategies. It picks up where whatever it is that has brought visitors to your website leaves off. Once they're hanging around, it's content marketing that keeps them there – and tries to convince them to spend their hard-earned money. It does this by presenting them with useful, relevant, and entertaining information, characterizing your company's online presence as simply an all-around “better place to be” than that of your competing organizations.

Arcalea Charlotte Offers the Local SEO Expertise You Need

We offer varied experience, plus a varied array of expertise which you won't find in other locally based SEO firms. At Arcalea's Charlotte office, we take advantage of multiple viewpoints, coalescing them into a guiding strategy that is at once comprehensive and innovative. We aren't afraid to try new things, if we think they'll work! Call (312)-248-4272 today, or contact us online for a free demonstration of our services.

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What exactly is SEM?

Search engine optimization provides your business with a passive increase in web traffic over time, as your online presence becomes visible to more potential customers. Search engine marketing provides a quick boost to the same, which is not sustainable over so long a period of time. In addition, SEM improves the “warmth” of your traffic; it increases your customer conversion rate, through advertisements targeted at your primary customer demographic. This is based on their own search patterns and past online behavior. In short, if your business would benefit from any kind of advertisement, it needs some level of SEM work – wherever you might be located.

There's not a lot of advertising being done within my industry in Charlotte. Can I get away with using SEM by itself?

SEM will have a certain effect on its own; in fact, it takes effect more quickly than any other overall digital marketing strategy. One of its components, pay-per-click advertising, can potentially have a measurable effect on your web traffic within minutes of it being executed, and the other forms of marketing involved in SEM are similarly, if slightly less dramatically fast-acting. The problem with using SEM by itself, however, is that it is a direct trade-off: SEM is expensive, and its effects – while quick – are also quick to fade away once the money stops flowing in. For best results, SEM needs to be paired with a strong SEO campaign, which can use the boost provided by your SEM to “springboard” into a higher level of gradual, sustainable growth.

Most of my customers are walk-ins to my Charlotte location. Is SEM good for local advertising?

Used sparingly and responsibly, SEM works to provide a quick enhancement to your online traffic, sometimes referred to as an “artificial” boost. Other tools and techniques within the digital marketer's playbook, such as SEO and Social Media Marketing, provide complementary long-term traffic enhancements which can piggyback off of your SEM efforts. Because SEM is based heavily upon paid advertisements, it includes elements such as Google's “map pack,” which displays local business results ahead of organic search results in response to a typical search. On a mobile device, this will be the first thing that a prospective client sees. In other words, some SEM investment will be worth it to your business – whether your customer base is local, regional, or international.