Charlotte Social Media Marketing

An effective social strategy amplifies the core brand message and engages audiences. The messaging your brand uses through social media matters, say the right things at the right time.

Social media marketing is one of the newest disciplines to rise as its own distinct area of strategy within the digital marketing industry. Its function is newly critical to an effective SEO campaign, as it works to both generate additional traffic over time and promote brand awareness. Through a healthy inbound marketing strategy, your company's reputation will spread across social media via electronic word of “mouth,” contributing greatly to the overall perception of your company's authority within its industry of operation. Additionally, well-written and otherwise high-quality social media content will directly support your SEO campaign, improving the search engine ranking of your website, blog, or other online presence.

Arcalea's offices in Charlotte are staffed by experienced content strategists and other digital professionals who are poised to take your company's social media strategy to the next level. Through a well-organized social media marketing plan, and the creation of high-quality content, you can enhance your company's reputation and your buyers' perception of your authority. This works directly towards improving your buyers' overall experience, combating “buyer's remorse” and improving the rate at which you convert one-time purchasers into happy, loyal customers.

Brand Monitoring

Through a variety of online tools, we can monitor the ongoing performance of your brand recognition strategy across multiple social media platforms at once. Through our reporting interface, you can see the effects of your marketing strategy at work.

Social Media Contests

Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest promotions or contests can increase the quality traffic to your business within a short period of time. We can help strategize which types of contests and social networking platforms are the most suitable for your brand.

Social Media Strategy

Through identifying your company's target demographic and determining which platforms they are most likely to use, we can focus our marketing efforts in places where they are most likely to have the greatest effect... dramatically enhancing your ROI on your advertising spend.

Setup & Manage Centrally

Arcalea's team of digital marketers can assist you with setting up an easy-to-use interface, through which your company's social media accounts and blogs may be implemented, updated, and managed via a single convenient location.

Ask, and we'll share how we see your social landscape working.

We wil analyze competitors' frequency, reach, relevance, and tone, and share how we can help reshape the landscape for your brand. 

Feel free to also let us know in the "Details" field the best time we may contact you.

My customers are primarily Charlotte residents; how will SMM help me to expand my marketing efforts?

The core purpose of social media is for people to talk about things that interest them with where hundreds, or even thousands of like-minded individuals are hanging on their every word, image, and video. Many social media users connect primarily with individuals who live within their areas of residence; often, these are people with whom said users have another connection. People “friend” their family members, their real-life friends, their coworkers, and other everyday acquaintances. Imagine working as a door-to-door salesman selling vacuum cleaners; you show up at someone's home, only to find out that the woman who owns the house is hosting a party for several hundred of her friends... and they're all talking about ways to make housecleaning more convenient. That's social media in a nutshell: each user is the center of a network consisting of other users at the centers of their own networks, and so on. Once you've promoted yourself successfully to one person, they will spread the word. Whether your customer base is international, or restricted to Charlotte residents, SMM will serve to enhance your brand recognition – and the customer's perception of your authority.

Why does my business need a Social Media account?

It doesn't; it needs several, all of which need to be maintained with relevant and entertaining content, content that will serve to attract and to hold the attention of your Charlotte-based clientele. Several years ago, a vacuum cleaner salesman made a post to reddit – a social media website – in which he invited people to ask questions about himself and his business. That individual now earns a passive stream of income through a series of podcasts, which are still regularly featured on reddit. In addition to the many standard benefits of social media marketing – such as SEO improvement, enhancement to brand awareness, and the fostering of buyers' faith in your company's niche authority – there are unique opportunities to create additional streams of revenue... ones that require relatively little effort to maintain. This kind of content can be accessed online by a variety of audiences, local and otherwise, all of which serves to boost your brand's recognition. The end result is a positive effect on your bottom line.

How will SMM help with my Charlotte-based local SEM campaign?

A relatively recent innovation in the digital marketing industry put social media very close to the center of the latest in search engine optimization techniques. High-quality written content, infographics, and video posted to social media will now work towards enhancing the SEO of the posting account's associated website. This works to promote businesses locally, merging with such assets as Google's “Map Pack” to push local businesses to the top of mobile internet users' search results. This is in addition to all of the other benefits of social media marketing, of course; businesses were hiring social media managers to maintain a professional presence on various platforms long before recent, SEO-friendly changes went into effect. The platforms themselves have responded: organizations such as Facebook and Twitter are changing their fundamental structure, making it easier to post high-quality, conversationally friendly content that will work to passively promote your brand over time. This works in your favor whether your clientele is international, regional, or locally based in the Charlotte area.