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Headquartered in Chicago, Arcalea was born out of concept that for all but the largest of brands, digital marketing has become too complex and unwieldy to manage.

At our Chicago-based Arcalea offices, we offer a broad range of digital marketing services. Our goal is to improve your passive web traffic, boost your customer conversion rate, and increase your bottom line. Our overall approach is rooted in inbound marketing, which represents a fundamental shift in marketing philosophy, made possible by the new technologies of the digital age: at Arcalea, we're all about using the latest tools and software available. Our philosophy is simple: the focus is placed on the needs of your buyers, and not on the convenience of the marketer. No longer a captive audience, today's savvy buyer needs to be delighted – rather than simply being “targeted” by a cold sales methodology. That kind of individual “have I got a deal for you!” will not provide the level of results that you require.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM combines search engine optimization with paid search options and traditional ads. It serves to boost your web presence, increase brand awareness, and foster a sense of your authority within your industry.

Pay Per Click

With PPC advertising, you can purchase traffic directly through major search engines for a quick boost to your bottom line. It's a short-term strategy, which helps to kickstart other, passive methods of generating long-term passive revenue streams.

Social Media Marketing

Through social media, you can have your buyers do your selling for you. In addition, social media content dramatically increases the perception of your authority within your niche.
We don't employ a lot of traditional techniques in our efforts. Instead, the focus is placed on providing informative and entertaining content – content which captures and retains your buyers' attention. Through the enticement of valuable content, the modern buyer will determine what they want through their own efforts. They will follow the content like a trail of breadcrumbs... right to your product or service. The result is traffic, consisting of people who already know that they want what you have – and who are willing to pay to acquire it. Through the use of tools such as search engine marketing, pay-per-click advertisements, and social media marketing, we can ensure that your customers keep coming back.

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How does Arcalea's marketing strategy work?

Ours is a four step approach; first, we attract prospective clients, convincing them to visit your website. We do this by ensuring that your online presence is optimized to receive web traffic. Our software can help us to identify the most important keywords for your niche, enhance your organic search results, and find locations elsewhere online to host backlinks to your website. The next step is to convert a visitor. We do this through the employment of techniques, such as social media marketing, which effectively bolster your company's reputation as an authority within your niche. After that, we close the sale; through effective content and strategy, we provide your prospective customer with an experience designed to be both informative and entertaining – convincing them to shop with you, and not with your competitor. Altogether, this contributes to the fourth step: delighting your customer. We collect feedback, and monitor their behavior – on and off your website – to identify and eliminate any aspects of your customers' experience which show themselves to be confusing or problematic.

Arcalea's inbound marketing approach appears to involve several techniques which already have their own individual followings. Isn’t it a little redundant?

It isn't redundant; it's thorough. Ours is an overall advertising strategy – a plan which consists of multiple techniques, some of which have areas of overlap. Social media and search engine optimization serve to guide targeted traffic to your website. Search engine marketing and PPC advertising enhance your passive web traffic with short, powerful boosts. Content strategy helps to ensure that, once they've found you online, your customers return time and again – whenever they need more of what you have to sell to them. The impression being made is a powerful one: that your website is valuable, and that time put into patronizing your services is well-spent... not just for the purchase being made, but for the experience. There's a reason for why we use terminology like “convert” and “delight” so frequently with regards to your customers' impressions: we want them to come away happy. Not just with your website, or with their purchase, but honestly feeling as though their lives (at least for the moment) are better for having shopped with you.