Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay Per Click has an instant impact and gives your brand a much larger reach and exposure as a result of purchasing traffic from major search engines, social networks, and publishers.

Pay-per-click advertising, generally recognized by the abbreviation PPC, is one of the oldest and most popular techniques in the search engine marketing toolbox. It fills a unique niche within the digital marketing industry, which has yet to be surpassed in its primary area of strength despite many years' worth of additional tools and techniques being developed. Through the use of PPC advertising, you pay large online networks a fixed amount of money every time somebody clicks one of your ads on their online presence. In order to facilitate this, said networks – such as Google's search engine network – display your ad within viable advertising space, such as at the top of relevant search results. Another common location is in ad space sold to the network by industry-related websites.

PPC takes effect very quickly; it can also become very expensive if improperly managed, such as when an inexperienced manager is caught off-guard by its rapid effects. Coupled with sound SEO and SEM strategies, however, it provides an occasionally vital boost to the more gradual, passive effect of your overall digital marketing campaign. At Arcalea's Chicago office, we offer the experienced pay-per-click management expertise necessary – not only to ensure that costs are kept within the allotted budget, but also to make sure that your campaign provides the most efficient increase possible to your other traffic-boosting efforts.

Paid Search Advertising

Paid search advertising will improve your ROI by targeting buyers who search the major search engines for keywords relevant to your business.

PPC Remarketing

At Arcalea, we know how to use standard PPC techniques to specifically re-target existing consumers, optimizing your conversion rate for one-time purchasers into loyal, returning customers.

Social Advertising

With Arcalea's paid social media advertising working for you, you'll not only see a quick boost in traffic; you'll also experience a rapid and dramatic expansion of your brand recognition, as well as an increase in customer comprehension of your industry-specific authority.

Display Advertising

High-traffic websites within your niche are selling advertising space to the major search networks. Take advantage of this, by having Arcalea manage the display of your ads across multiple highly relevant online locations across the Web.

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How will PPC advertising affect my Chicago business? I already have a strong SEO campaign.

Whatever your current marketing campaign, PPC needs to be a part of it... if it isn't already. Many Chicago-based business owners have failed to take advantage of newly spawned PPC markets, which leaves the territory wide open for a creative and effectively managed advertisement campaign. PPC takes effect rapidly, and the best part about employing it is that it provides an elevated boost to your web traffic which other forms of passive buyer conversion can use as a springboard. In addition, the special focus that some PPC outlets place on locally-based advertisement means that you can corner the market in your region, where you best understand the needs of your prospective clients.

What are some of the positive and negative aspects of PPC, from a Chicago perspective?

Pay-per-click advertising is powerful, and it complements other aspects of a sound overall digital marketing strategy extremely well. Its major strength is also the reason why it sometimes runs away with an inexperienced handler; PPC advertising takes effect extremely quickly, often within minutes of a campaign being set up. No other digital marketing technique works half as quickly, particularly in Chicago; we're a tech-savvy city, rich with digital startups and online marketing. Some other, typical marketing techniques are all but saturated, but there will always be room for PPC. The down side to the use of this marketing tool is its cost. With the amount of traffic crossing major search engine platforms – along with other providers of PPC advertising services – a pay-per-click campaign that is not carefully managed from the very start runs the risk of running into thousands of dollars' worth of overruns in a single day. Its cost, and its ability to run away with careless management, are definitely the major drawbacks of PPC advertising, but with a skilled marketing professional – someone who knows the local digital scene – your pay-per-click ad campaign will have a tremendous effect upon your bottom line.