Social Media Marketing in Chicago

An effective social strategy amplifies the core brand message and engages audiences.

Social media marketing, or SMM, is one of the newest and most prominently positioned branches of digital marketing today. Changes made by Google, Amazon, and other Web-based industrial giants have dramatically boosted the importance of social media to SEO, as well as to other aspects of digital marketing, as recently as during the second quarter of 2015. Through creating well-written content and other multimedia elements for social media, you will tap into platforms which individually boast hundreds of millions of users worldwide. These social media users will work on your behalf, spreading your brand awareness through “eWoM” – electronic word of mouth. eWoM creates targeted traffic consisting of genuinely interested visitors – individuals who are primed to be converted into delighted buyers using other inbound marketing techniques.
Our digital marketing experts at Arcalea's Chicago-based offices can assist with setting up social media accounts for your business. Our experienced staff staff will work with you to maintain a viable social media presence, and to create well-written, optimized content. Properly implemented, social media content will have users across multiple platforms talking about your brand, promoting your product for you, and boosting search engine recognition of your authority within your industry.

Brand Monitoring

Arcalea offers the use of a variety of digital marketing tools designed to monitor the performance and perception of your brand across all major social media platforms.

Social Media Contests

Promotions advertised to your existing following on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest can generate additional brand awareness, while simultaneously working to grow your existing following over a short period of time.

Social Media Strategy

Basic principles of inbound marketing will help us to identify your primary buyer demographic. Through the creation of “buyer personas” we can identify which social media platforms to focus our marketing efforts on – providing you with a better ROI on your advertising investment.

Setup & Manage Centrally

Through a variety of available tools and systems, we can help you and your team set up a single location to manage your entire social media presence. Imagine being able to manage multiple social media accounts, your website, and even your blog... all through the same interface. Arcalea can make that happen.

Ask, and we'll share how we see your social landscape working.

We wil analyze competitors' frequency, reach, relevance, and tone, and share how we can help reshape the landscape for your brand. 

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As a Chicago area business owner, what can social media marketing do for me?

The nature of social media websites is to serve as platforms for other people to post their thoughts, ideas, and other content, including multimedia. They share this content with followers, who then re-share it with people in their own individual networks. In a very real sense, every user on a social media website is the hub of their own online network, big or small, and these work to promote local and regional businesses – as well as those with an international presence. Most individual social media users follow, or are followed by, at least a few dozen people on each platform that they use. Many have followings numbering in the hundreds, if not more. Wherever your business is located, social media allows you to multiply the results of your efforts; capture a visitor's interest, and they will pass on that interest to those who follow their posts.

Why should I have a social media account for my business?

In addition to promoting your brand to local audiences in Chicago, generating additional marketing through electronic word of mouth, fostering the perception of your industry authority, and boosting your SEO – as if that weren't enough – social media offers many other unique opportunities. There are individuals who earn a steady living through podcasts, blogs, and other forms of modern online media – people who found their start through social media websites. This kind of income is just as viable for a business as it is for any private individual. Success on a major social media platform such as Facebook, Reddit, or Pinterest can result in entirely new revenue streams requiring little to no ongoing maintenance, as well as allowing your brand's recognition to peak within the local and international arena.

Does social media work with SEO, or other forms of SEM?

Absolutely. SEM is one of the leading digital marketing strategies within the Chicago tech scene, and social media marketing complements SEM very well. In fact, this is a relatively recent innovation... one with which many businesses, even certain major multinational corporations, have yet to catch up with. As of the second quarter of 2015, social media posts, tweets, and other social media content have contributed directly to their associated websites' search engine index ranking. This is what determines how highly your website is positioned when someone searches for keywords related to its main purpose. In addition to the active role played by social media followers in promoting your product and your brand, simply posting quality content to your social media account will now have a passive, ongoing effect on your search engine ranking. In other words: the more you post, the better off you'll be.