Optimize Marketing 200%: Data-Driven Attribution

No more "last-click" modeling. True multitouch + predictive. 

Brand experience includes:
Track Performance

One Platform That Knows it All

Track from awareness to revenue for all traffic, across all touchpoints. 

Measure What Works

Calculate Economic Value

Measure all Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Optimize Moving Forward

Use AI to Determine Outcomes

Premium outcomes determined by pattern recognition.

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Every brand is different, with varying requirements. Galileo handles Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in two ways: First, PII can be included natively in your deployment. Alternatively, PII can be omitted entirely, in which case Galileo uses a random GUID for reporting and never processes any personal information. So we have you covered either way!
Galileo only connects to the CRM via API to "see" the changes in status (Lead, Close, etc) and report on revenue. In this way Galileo can enhance reporting on cohorts or segment at both the individual and aggregate levels. No other data is synchronized. 
The first step in any deployment is to initiate the "data collector." The DC, as we call it, represents the moment in time when you begin to own your data for good. The DC can be turned on in just a few minutes, and from that point forward you have complete records of every interaction with your brand. Then once the CRM integration is complete, you're off to a whole new world!
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