Content Marketing Strategy

"Content Marketing" is any usage of media or content created and distributed under the effort of marketing a brand, product or service. Blogs, White Papers, Infographics, Ebooks...any topic related to your industry can provide value and drive engagement. Typically used in conjunction with other channels, Content Marketing is a powerful tool as it can provide value to consumers and engage on new levels, in unexpected places. 

Content marketing involves efforts made to engage and retain prospective customers who have already found your website, blog, or other online presence -- perhaps through the use of search engine marketing. It does this by sharing valuable and insightful content with them: blog posts, infographics, tutorial videos, and even free ebooks are all examples of media that might be used in association with a solid content marketing strategy. 

Content marketing involves the use of substantial and informative media which makes the time the customer spends viewing your Website or blog feel that much more rewarding. Well-designed content is a strong complement for inbound marketing, which utilizes content (among other tools) to make the customer feel comfortable and well-supported in accessing your online presence.

For instance, if your customer is presented with a tutorial on how to properly maintain and improve the lifespan of a product which you offer, their experience is going to be more valuable than that on another site. The same can be said of services. Those tutorial videos will also provide the same value to every single customer. It’s a one-time investment of resources that has tremendous ROI. You'll notice here on Arcalea we're full of content, and our blog posts are all geared to enhance our customer's experience.

Promoted Content

Promoted content is a staple of content marketing. We create placements in news outlets and mentions in front of relevant audiences to generate interest and traffic. 

Blog Posts

Publishing blogs related to our personas' needs is a key way to continuously position ourselves in front of key stakeholders looking for the very services we provide. 

Vertical Placements

Strategically placed mentions about brand or products will enable back-links, create buzz and extend the reach and message beyond just social media channels. 

Content Strategy

Achieve business objectives with a Content Strategy analysis, examining what's done today, best practices, and developing a roadmap to BE the industry standard. 

Industry News

Up-to-date industry related content which will inform, educate and entertain audiences while deepening connections in social media, improving online reputation and gaining credibility as a thought-leader. 

White Papers

Promote your business with high-quality, valuable white paper and infographic content which will substantially increase social media engagement and increase clout and thought-leadership in your communities. 

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What is content?

Content is essentially everything your website is made up of. Whether it be a video you're hosting on your website, images you have of past work you've done, or blog posts. You'll see tons of content on every popular website. If your website isn't full of content, you're missing out on tons of potential client interaction. Viewers love to interact with your website. They want to read about what your business has been up to and learn more about it in the process. Any sort of media you add to your website is considered content.

What is the difference between content marketing and other forms of marketing?

Many other forms of digital marketing involve the act of affecting search results and advertisement venues online, to try and drive web traffic towards your website. Content marketing involves your online presence itself, and what customers will find once they arrive there. What sort of an experience are you providing for your customers? Does your website have a blog with video tutorials explaining how to efficiently maintain your products? Does every product listing have the item’s full technical details spelled out clearly, where the customer may see it?

How much should I charge for content?

More or less by definition, content is free. The idea is that it enhances the value of a user’s experience. If you charge for it, it ceases to be “content” and becomes a product in itself -- whereupon you would want some other form of content to add value to its purchase in turn. There are forms of content which can be either one, depending upon your preferences; an ebook can be a valuable and informative product, or a free form of content about how to set up the electronic devices your Website is marketing. It cannot, however, be both things at once.