Inbound Marketing

Today email marketing has changed. Using certified Inbound methodologies, Arcalea designs nutritional, drip campaigns for your targeted personas. Each persona may find your content at different phases of the buyer journey. And we will lead your team in developing the right content for each of those phases. Data dictates our next move.That's why we say, "Success is now a science".

Inbound marketing represents a new way of looking at marketing; it is focused on the buyer, rather than on the convenience of the marketer. The simple idea behind inbound marketing is that if a buyer is presented with something that they want, through their own efforts, they will go to where they can find that something, and pay to acquire it… without having to be individually, intrusively “courted.”


Inbound marketing abandons direct, paid methodologies, as well as the “cold” methods of pre-internet marketing, in favor of focusing on the generation of valuable and informative content that paves the way for a prospective customer to find their own path towards your doorstep -- instead of simply pushing them onto it.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We can work with your team to provide formats which are optimized for device or specific technologies or manage each for your team exclusively. 

Email Template Design

Email campaigns can play a role in SEO performance. Within the analysis of the scope of opportunity, we will create campaigns which will resonate with audiences and also increase overall SEO. 

Tracking & Reporting

We provide granular reporting on each set of outbound communications, analyze performance on each and provide those reports to the team. 

Through a methodology that focuses on the customer’s needs, and not on the marketer, inbound marketing works to foster passive revenue streams and to leave your customers feeling happy about having patronized your business. It works well as a strategy with techniques such as SEO and social media marketing, which work to foster the customer’s understanding that you are a credible authority within your industry.

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How does inbound marketing differ from other customer-focused forms of marketing, such as content marketing?

It doesn’t differ, so much as it complements. Content marketing can be used in such a way as to constitute a form of inbound marketing, but inbound marketing also utilizes other tools -- such as the “buyer persona,” a fictional representation of your targeted customer base which helps to align your efforts towards attracting the type of person who will benefit the most from patronizing your business. In essence, inbound marketing incorporates digital content, and business intelligence, in a unified approach that is focused on the customer’s needs.

Inbound marketing appears to involve a number of other techniques which already have their own following and strategy. Isn’t it a little redundant?

It isn’t redundant; it’s thorough. While it is true that inbound marketing incorporates other forms of digital marketing and content strategy, the point of all that is that it combines them in an efficient fashion, and unites them towards a particular focus: making your customer happy. Not simply making them happy “with their purchase,” but actually delighting them with their shopping experience and the use of your website (or other online presence). Individually, inbound marketing’s disparate “parts” might be used to drive traffic, or to make your website operate more smoothly, but they do so without focusing specifically on your customers’ desires. It is within the sphere of inbound marketing that terms such as “convert” and “delight” begin to crop up.