Social Media Marketing

An effective social strategy amplifies the core brand message and engages audiences.  Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the usage of social media channels to engage and market to consumers toward a brand's goals. And today, search ranking now takes social media action and engagement into account. Any search plan will utilize various potential SMM channels to amplify messaging, engage consumers and raise search profile.  

Social media marketing (SMM) is perhaps the newest discipline in the field of digital marketing. With social media poised to gain new headway in terms of its influence on website index ratings, new strategies are being devised to take advantage of this largely untapped and thoroughly massive resource. Because social media is based upon congregations of millions of individual internet users in the same “location” online, a big part of social media marketing is taking advantage of electronic word of mouth -- “eWoM,” for short -- by generating content that gets users talking about your business, product, or service. Social media marketing turns prospective customers into eager salespeople.

By spreading awareness of your brand and advocating your authority within your niche market, social media marketing works to drive a self-perpetuating stream of new, targeted traffic to your online presence. It is well-supported by a clever content marketing strategy, and a strong philosophy of inbound marketing: the inbound marketing strategy will help retain those new customers, while a good content strategy provides material to disseminate through your social media accounts in the first place.

Brand Monitoring

Improve your business reputation using various social media tools available today. Monitor brand sentiment of both your brand and competitors, and take advantage of timely opportunities as they arise. 

Social Media Contests

Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest promotions or contests can increase the quality traffic to your business within a short period of time. We can help strategize which types of contests and social networking platforms are the most suitable for your brand.

Social Media Strategy

Which platforms should you own depends on the target audiences and their preferences. And it may be different depending on the intended consumer action. We can help determine the best place to court those consumers and which platforms to use. 

Setup & Manage Centrally

We can assist with setup of various systems to allow your team to manage and monitor your accounts from one location. Update the website and manage social from one interface. 

Ask, and we'll share how we see your social landscape working.

We wil analyze competitors' frequency, reach, relevance, and tone, and share how we can help reshape the landscape for your brand. 

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How does social media marketing transform buyers into a new level of marketing?

It’s all in the nature of social media. A social media “platform” is a website where people sign up for a social media account, and then proceed to post their own content and re-post content posted by other users of the same platform. Based upon posting patterns that match their own interests and concerns, people subscribe to each others’ accounts as followers. If you give a person on Twitter a good experience, and they tweet about it to their 10,000 followers, your brand has just been introduced to 10,000 people who have already taken action to indicate that they care about what it is that your satisfied customer has to say on a general basis.

Why should I have a social media account for my business?

A few years back on Reddit (a social bookmarking website), a vacuum cleaner repair man made a post that went viral across the internet. That individual now earns a steady revenue through a podcast, which is regularly spotlighted on Reddit to this day. Businesses all over the world are opening up accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, and paying people high salaries to manage those accounts for them. The reason is simple: people are fascinated by the ability to interact directly with what they see as the faces of corporate brands, and by the ability to watch how they interact with each other. Brand social media accounts are followed by millions of potential consumers.  

Does social media work with SEO, or other forms of search engine marketing?

Yes! This is new information that was only recently implemented by the major search engines, most notably Google, but it absolutely does. A Website’s index rating -- the level of relevancy that the major search engines attribute to it when determining what falls where in a user’s search results -- now takes social media posts into account. Soon, even seemingly innocuous gestures like Facebook likes, Google +1’s,  and Twitter's “retweets” will have an effect. This initiative is the result of recent cooperative efforts made between Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other major content providers online. Social media is poised to take a flying leap into the epicenter of digital marketing in the very near future. Having an optimized online presence will only serve to help you in the long run.