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Arcalea - 7 Tips To Improve Your Ad Copy Featured Image

7 Tips to Improve Your Ad Copy

How to Improve Your Ad Copy Ad copy is defined as the most important text in any clickable advertisement. The ad copy text…
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Arcalea - Native Content Launches On Google As An Ad Option

Native Content Launches On Google As An Ad Option

Time To Re-evaluate Your Content Strategy? The beauty of Google is that they always strive to introduce new opportunities to increase revenue streams. This…
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Major Changes to Google Adwords are Approaching

Coming Soon: Big Changes in Google AdWords

Expanded Text Ads While the advertising platform offered by Google has added new features in ad formats, reporting and automation, Expanded Text Ads…
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5 Major Updates Coming to Google AdWords

5 Major Updates to Google Adwords

Google started their Adwords keynote by announcing massive redesigns to focus on a “mobile-first world.” “The shift to mobile is no longer something…
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Local Search Marketing Optimization

Entrepreneur’s Zen: Local Search Optimization (Part 2)

(continued from Part 1) Local Search Optimization Start with Local Search Optimization. Local results factor into over 50% of today’s search engine results.…
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