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Arcalea - Google New Search Console

Everything You Need To Know About Google’s New Search Console

Google recently unveiled its new Search Console, updated with improved functionality and user support in response to user feedback. The new Search Console…
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Arcalea - How Does Google RankBrain Work?

How Does Google RankBrain Work?

Traditionally, search engines use an algorithm to serve up search engine results. But as technology evolved, Google began to incorporate machine learning into…
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How Does Google Plus Affect SEO Featured Image

How Does Google Plus Affect SEO?

Let’s be honest: Google runs most of the internet, but a lot of users and businesses still don’t see the point of Google…
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Arcalea- How To Build SEO Strategies Effectively

How to Build SEO Strategies Effectively

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a process that enables the growth of visibility in non-paid results of search engines. Composed of both…
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Using SEM Keyword Research to Inform Product Changes

Using SEM Keyword Research To Inform Product Changes

This article is written by Jack Saville, an SEO Specialist at Bynder - a digital asset management software provider. The way people use…
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Arcalea - 7 Tips To Improve Your Ad Copy Featured Image

7 Tips to Improve Your Ad Copy

How to Improve Your Ad Copy Ad copy is defined as the most important text in any clickable advertisement. The ad copy text…
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Arcalea- An Intro to Google’s DoubleClick

An Intro to Google’s DoubleClick

There are various advertising platforms available from search to display, and programmatic to mobile. One challenge often faced is the ability to pull…
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Arcalea - What are Micro-Moments

What Are Micro-Moments And Why Are They Critical To Your Marketing Success?

Whenever the internet became an everyday phenomenon, and Google established its presence as the market leader of search, there was a seismic shift…
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Arcalea - 4 Sites to Track Algorithm Updates

4 Awesome Sites To Track Google Algorithm Updates

If you have spent any time in the SEO world, then you will most likely have experienced the frustrations that Google’s algorithm changes…
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Arcalea - 4 Tips for a Successful PPC Campaign

4 Tips for Creating a Successful Paid Search Campaign

The Paid Search Dilemma Paid advertising can generate a high ROI when done properly. Get it wrong, however, and it can quickly become…
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Arcalea - Top 3 Ranking Factors For 2017

Top 3 Ranking Factors You Should Focus On for 2017

Search Engine Optimization is a broad subject. Google has confirmed that there are over 200 separate ranking factors which determine how a site…
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Arcalea - How To Get Noticed on Google

How To Get Noticed By Google

The Power of Google Creating a website can be a long hard slog or a labor of love, but either way, if the…
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Arcalea - The Next Major Shopping Platform for Advertisers

Google Shopping Is Becoming A Major Platform For Advertisers

Google’s entire business strategy has always been built on generating revenue from its advertising platform. As any good marketer will tell you, the…
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Arcalea - Native Content Launches On Google As An Ad Option

Native Content Launches On Google As An Ad Option

Time To Re-evaluate Your Content Strategy? The beauty of Google is that they always strive to introduce new opportunities to increase revenue streams. This…
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Arcalea - Top 5 Announcements from Google's Pixel Event

Top 5 Announcements from Google’s Pixel Event

After weeks of hype marketing and several leaks, Google’s event has come and gone. We’ve had time to sit down and find out…
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What is Google's Shop the Look?

Shop the Look: Google’s Latest Shopping Experiment

What is Shop the Look? Do you ever come across an image online of someone wearing something you wanted? Maybe you’ve seen a…
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Arcalea - Sites penalized for mobile pop-up ads

Google to Penalize Mobile Sites that Use Pop-Up Ads

Stop us if you’ve heard this before- you look for something on your phone, bring up a page, and you’re immediately hit by…
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What is Google's RankBrain?

What is Google’s RankBrain, and How is it Changing SEO?

From Algorithms to AI Since its beginning, Google has employed simple but effective algorithms to deliver results. PageRank, Google’s first algorithm, served up results…
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Google Introduces AMP for Ads and Landing Pages

Google Introduces AMP for Ads and Landing Pages

During the DoubleClick Leadership Summit, Google announced important updates to its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and DoubleClick Bid Manager. Most notably, AMP will…
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What is Google AMP Header image

What is Google AMP?

A Better Way to Browse How do you read your articles? If you have a tablet or smartphone, there’s a good chance that…
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Best Of Google IO 2016

Best of Google I/O 2016: VR Platform, Home Assistant, and New Apps

  Source: Android Central Google I/O, the annual software developer conference in San Francisco, has officially come and gone. At the conference, we saw…
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5 Major Updates Coming to Google AdWords

5 Major Updates to Google Adwords

Google started their Adwords keynote by announcing massive redesigns to focus on a “mobile-first world.” “The shift to mobile is no longer something…
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