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Heatmaps FAQ:

Q. What are heatmaps? 

A. Heatmaps, according to Wikipedia, are visualizations which represent data as colors. In the Arcalea suite, colors represent mouse hover or clicks which are represented by red, yellow or blue based on concentration and density over time. 

Q. What is free for 30 days and how do I sign up?

A. Simply fill out the form and the team here will email you a snippet of code to insert into either your header or footer (and we'll explain how to do that if you need some help). We will also send you a login to our Business Intelligence Suite. That login will provide you access to click heatmaps, scroll heatmaps, eye-tracking heatmaps and user sessions for all visitors to your site. This is provided free for 30 days so you get a feel for how powerful the insights and data can be!

Q. What happens after 30 days? 

A. At the end of your 30 day trial, you can choose to continue the service for a monthly fee (depending on how many domains and payment increment). The second option is to simply do nothing and at 30 days your access will expire and we'll delete your account. We believe the experience will provide great opportunities to discuss deeper business intelligence with Arcalea - but if not, that's fine too!

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