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Arcalea - How Does PPC Work?

How Does Pay-Per-Click Work?

Digital Marketing involves a lot of work and can be overwhelming for someone who is not a web expert. Driving traffic to a website is definitely no easy task, especially…
Arcalea - The Most Important Digital Marketing Metrics

The Most Important Digital Marketing Metrics That are Relevant to Your Business

Digital marketing isn’t just about fancy branding or buzzwords, it’s about measurements. It’s difficult to measure how effective a website is, or how attractive an offering seems without first establishing…
Arcalea - How To Share Files On Google Drive

How to Share Files on Google Drive (With Your Team or Your Clients)

Google Drive: File Storage and Sharing Made Easy We use Google Drive to draft new blog posts, take meeting notes, share information with clients and more. A majority of our…
Arcalea - What You Should Know About Gmail Encryption

What You Should Know About Gmail Encryption

Business owners and executives around the world have come to fully embrace, G Suite, formerly Google Apps. Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar have all proven to be indispensable tools with…
Arcalea - How To Set Goals In Google Analytics

How to Set Goals in Google Analytics and Track Your Conversions

  Setting up goals in Google Google Analytics is a powerful tool in any search marketing agency’s arsenal. It can provide insight and analysis into your website’s traffic like no…
Arcalea - 15 Best Places To Promote Your Blog Post

15 Best Places to Promote Your Blog Post After It’s Published

Some people think that traffic just pours in after publishing a blog post. In reality, you have to spend just as much time (sometimes longer) promoting the piece on various…

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