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The Marketing CRM

The marketing-focused CRM captures every interaction, preference, history of the customer analyzes volumes of historical data to help define customer journeys, customer and lead segmentation, assists in designing successful campaigns, marketing elements, and workflows, predicts sales conversions, ROMI, and all-in-all, transforms the business by transforming the marketing and sales engine.

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HubSpot vs. Salesforce

A customer relationship management (CRM) platform can influence every aspect of a business— from operational efficiency and transparency to customer insights and analytics that yield deeper customer insights. Companies of all sizes invest significant time and effort...

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What You Need to Know About Google’s BERT Update

Earlier this week, Google began to roll out an algorithm update so significant that Google themselves described as “the biggest leap forward in the past five years, and one of the biggest leaps forward in the history of Search.” "BERT is an advancement in the way...

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