Local Marketing Automation Software Explained

Arcalea - Local Marketing Automation Software Explained

Local-level marketing has always been a challenge, particularly for large companies or national brands with multiple business locations. Most of the time, a centralized brand message is implemented in conjunction with geo-specific messaging to address local consumers.

Companies nowadays recognize that they need to focus locally to better address the needs of consumers. Local search engines and directories play a big role in terms of properly marketing the brand in various locations.

Local Marketing Automation Software

As such, businesses look for an efficient platform where they can effectively localize various marketing campaigns and materials. This is where Local Marketing Automation (LMA) Software comes in. LMA Software combines online tools and strategies that localize the brand’s content, which is then distributed to multimedia channels, including resellers, brokers, franchises, agents, and affiliates. Because of this localized platform, the local affiliate level of a corporate brand is further empowered as they are able to provide users a more customized experience in terms of marketing resources and campaigns.

Who Needs LMA Software?

Not every brand requires local marketing automation or LMA Software for that matter. National/international brands and large companies with several locations are the ones who will greatly benefit from LMA, as it helps direct potential clients or customers to a specific location or point of purchase, as mentioned by Balihoo.

On the localization of a global or national brand, it is important to remember that its authorized users must be able to constantly communicate with clients or customers at a local level. They should be equipped with the right tools and knowledge regarding their assigned area in order to communicate the right brand message in an authentic and consistent manner.

While traditional marketing automation allows for customers to be directed to an online store or national site, local marketing automation enables a more localized area or point of purchase, with its personalized messaging and marketing campaigns. An LMA Software optimizes brand content and messaging to effectively enhance consistency and brand compliance. Sometimes, corporate marketing and brand strategies may mix up messages, which leads to loss of alignment in terms of branding campaigns. This may result in customer dissatisfaction and delays, with more time and effort done to correct, develop and recreate resources. When marketing collaterals and messages are automated at a local level, marketing costs are reduced, and the brand maintains its global appeal while addressing customer needs at a local level.

Local Marketing Automation Software – Capabilities

LMA Software has numerous capabilities which can be tailored according to a brand’s specific needs. According to MarTech Today, most software platforms can do the following: 1) listing management and distribution through aggregators, 2) localized SEO and landing pages, and 3) mobile optimization of local content. For full-service platforms, more extensive features are available, which include: 1) reputation management completed mainly through online reviews and ratings, 2) local, customized paid search or social advertising campaigns, 3)social media posting, 4) local data analytics and 5) in-store promotion capabilities.

An LMA Software also enables companies to manage and monitor local listings and social interactions/reviews, as well as track rankings in local or national search engines.

LMA Software Benefits

Improved productivity – As with any kind of automation, the software optimizes capability by doing all the legwork, which enables managers and corporate marketers to focus more on their principal roles. SEOs, online directory management, search engine mapping, and development of local landing pages are examples of manual tasks that can greatly benefit from LMA software.

Improved search engine rankings – The automation of listing distribution and landing page optimization effectively speeds up these processes, which can push up the rankings of stores or dealer locations to Search Engine Research Pages. Site authority and validation are usually the metrics looked upon by search engine crawlers, so it helps for business listings and landing pages to be optimized and accurate at the local level.

Cost efficiency in marketing – Automated local marketing functions tend to lower cost-per-clicks, or CPCs, which can lead to better SEOs, as mentioned in this report by Marketing Land Research.

Consistent message coordination – LMAs provide cost-effective and efficient tools that enable brand marketers to create and deliver timely, accurate, and consistent marketing information across all sectors and locations. Further, coordination between national and local marketers are improved, through the use of CMS, which allows for a centralized branding message, campaigns and location data.

Alternative to LMA’s – Professional Search Marketing Agency

LMA Software enables brands to reach out to local customers more effectively, resulting in a focused and strategic brand marketing campaign that focuses on customers’ needs at the local level. It makes the local marketing process faster and easier.

But you don’t need to purchase expensive and complicated software just to bolster your local digital presence. An agency can do a lot of the same work on a smaller scale. Arcalea specializes in Local SEO and Citation Building. For more information on the Local Marketing Automation Software and the Local Marketing in general, please visit Arcalea today.