Get The Best Out Of Your Holiday SEO

SEO During the Holidays

Looking for ways to gain traction on your SEO? Then look no further. The holiday season is the best time to unleash your creativity to capture and engage your audience. The end of the year is flooded with heavy sales pitches and marketing promotions. So in order to stand out, you must do your own thing to bump up your SEO strategies.

Here are the top tips you need to do to get the best out of your holiday SEO.

1) Update Keywords And Titles For The Holidays

There’s no better time than now to take a closer look at your site analytics. Determine whether your site is doing well and check out current rankings. What are the pages that are doing well and the ones that are left behind? There’s always an opportunity for updating your keywords list. Incorporate some holiday-related terms in your keywords.

Google Trends is a good place to start researching about seasonal and trending topics. Try joining in on any major public conversations or events this season- you may just see a short spike in traffic. 2) Develop Some Festive Content

The holiday season also presents a great opportunity to create some unique, one-off content. There’s no need to do it from scratch either- you can repackage old posts in such a way that maximizes readership. For example, instead of using the title

5 Tips For Managing Your Social Media

You may see more traffic and engagement by adding a little seasonal flair:

5 Tips For Managing Your Social Media This Holiday Season

Titles and descriptions are quite important because they have a huge impact on click-throughs. Look through previous posts and see if you can combine or spin-off content and update the descriptions and titles for the season.

3) Do Some Year-In-Review Analysis

Look back through your efforts and your content in the previous year. What were some of your biggest announcements? Which stories made the biggest impact on your audience? Which posts have the highest engagement metrics? Once you can figure this out, you’ll be in a better position to determine content for the following year. Stick to topics that create the most conversation or generate the most shares.

4) Use Teasers for Next Year

Sneak peaks are a great way to keep your audiences engaged and excited. This can easily be added to your website, or can be released through email or social media. Either way, teaser content will encourage people to check out what’s happening on your site and to stay tuned for updates. Consider giving a sneak peek into the coming year- upcoming business developments, sales, gift guides, or trends to watch out for.

5) Schedule Your SEO and Content Strategy Ahead Of Time

Plan ahead! When you have your research, content, and promotion strategy planned out at least one month in advance, you’ll find you can create stronger pieces and develop stronger engagement. Researchers have more time to find pertinent information, writers can have their work proofread ahead of time, and there are more opportunities to share the post on multiple channels.

6) Optimize For Mobile (If You Haven’t Already)

More and more people will continue to shop online, using their smartphones and tablets. Browsing and searching will most likely happen on these platforms as well. This is why mobile search should also be considered as a priority for holiday SEO improvement. Make sure that your website optimized for mobile. This means that it should be responsive and should load quickly. One way to achieve this is to implement an Accelerated Mobile Page or AMPs. Try using Google’s mobile test to see how your website shows up on a mobile platform.

Planning For 2018

Stay on top of your SEO strategy by making the most out of the opportunities brought about by this festive season. After all, it’s always good to end the year with a bang, and get a good start for the next! Remember that the holidays are a great commercial period with a lot of additional buzz, purchasing, and promotion. Consider how you will stand out from the crowd and make the best of the season.

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