Arcalea is a Google Trusted Partner

What is a Google Trusted Partner?

A Google Trusted Partner (GTP) is a provider of online services which has met Google’s standards for excellence and reliability. Google maintains this level of certification with a small number of online service providers. These are businesses which have demonstrated the necessary expertise and efficiency to make use of the business intelligence provided by Google to an optimized level. These partnerships are primarily related to one of two fields of expertise: online advertising, and web design and development. With the help of a Google-certified agency, you’ll be able to boost your return on your advertising investment.

What are the Requirements for GTP Status?

Google Partner status is earned through a number of steps, which are designed to ensure two things: the prospective partner’s knowledge base, and their willingness to put that information to practical use in servicing their clients.

  • Google requires that its partners be sustainable. As a Google Trusted Partner, Arcalea is required to maintain a certain amount of spending. This demonstrates the long-term sustainability of our business model, as well as showing that we have the client history to back up our claims of providing the best quality service available. The quality of service offered by its partners is extremely important to Google; they allow their name to be displayed on a badge on their partners’ websites, business cards, and other media.
  • A Google Trusted Partner must be AdWords certified. Within the search engine optimization and digital marketing world, Google’s AdWords certification is the benchmark. AdWords is Google’s own platform for paid ads and search engine marketing, and it commands the majority of the market share within the industry. There are few other professional organizations offering professional quality certification within the field of digital advertising, and none with Google AdWords’ level of reputation behind it. The AdWords training involves extensive study, followed by a series of exams; these cover a mixture of online advertising basics, as well as the ins and outs of Google’s own AdWords platform.
  • A GTP must consistently demonstrate their advertising acumen. When it comes to marketing through Google AdWords, Google maintains a series of recommended best practices. These must be clearly understood in order to achieve AdWords certification. In order to earn and maintain partner status, these practices must also be consistently implemented across client accounts. This combines Google’s own oversight with Arcalea’s efficiency in meeting its clients’ needs, as Google promises to regularly review its partners’ client accounts.

How is GTP Status Obtained?

Having met the basic requirements for Google Trusted Partner status, there are a few steps which need to be taken to secure the right to display the badge.

  • First, ensure that the sign-in email you used to register as a Google Partner has access to the right accounts. You need to make sure that it has full editing access to the AdWords manager account which contains the client accounts you’re managing.
  • Make sure that you are affiliated with your agency’s company profile. This can be accomplished through your “My profile” page at any time.
  • Make sure you are certified in Google AdWords. This needs to be restated, as it is a critical step. For Google to publicly acknowledge you as a partner, you need to demonstrate your proficiency with their platform.

Why is it Important to Work With a GTP?

Let’s assume you have a taste for expensive furniture, and you want to hire a woodworker to design a bureau for your bedroom. You order the new bureau as a kit, but you toss the included instructions; they’re just too complicated. Instead, you try to assemble your bureau with cheap counterpart instructions from a department store kit. The finished product is functional, but not perfect. Some drawers stick, and sometimes it wobbles on its base. Even though you had the right parts, you lacked the expertise to make optimal use of them.

In other words, a Google Trusted Partner, such as Arcalea, demonstrates expertise and reliability. The company has gone through added time, effort, and expense to reassure prospective clients of their professionalism. It suggests a level of transparency which is highly desirable in today’s business world. It reflects a firm’s understanding of how well-informed their clients are about what it is that they’re after, and it shows that the partner is willing to go the extra mile in supporting oversight.

Arcalea is a digital marketing firm based in Chicago, IL. We provide a full range of digital marketing and advertising services for clients engaged in local, regional, and international operations. We offer state-of-the-art tools, as well as the in-house expertise needed to use them efficiently. We’ve worked with Google’s various advertising programs and marketing certifications for years, and are pleased to announce that Arcalea is now a recognized Google Trusted Partner. This recognition comes in response to a lot of hard work and dedication. We are proud to offer some of the best advertising services available online, and we will continue to strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.